InstaPage: How To Effectively Make Landing Pages and Run Campaigns

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Landing pages are an indispensable part of your website. Whatever your website is for, ultimately, your goal is to convert. Generating traffic is just half of the battle. You need visitors to purchase from you, subscribe to your email list, or at the very least make queries about what you offer. Building an effective landing page is important and with Instapage, you do not need to pay designers to create pages for you.

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It takes a lot of effort to generate traffic, and it takes a lot of creativity to convert visitors into leads. This is where a landing page comes in. The landing page is the most crucial part of your website. As soon as a visitor takes a look at your landing page, that is the moment he decides if he will either be just another visitor or one of your customers. The purpose of the landing page is to capture a visitor's information through the conversion form.

Any effective online marketer knows how important it is to create exceptional looking landing pages. A common dilemma is the cost effectiveness of hiring developers to design a professional looking landing page over the income that it will generate.

Instapage eliminates that dilemma because it is an app that allows you to build landing pages easily and without any coding skills involved. You can come up with professional looking pages without hiring the services of a developer.


Instapage is a page builder that doesn't just help you create effective landing pages but also helps you track your progress and get higher conversions. This app helps you keep things simple.

Drag and Drop - Without learning how to code or knowing anything about programming, the drag and drop feature lets you customize your page. All you need is to think of how you want your page to look like and let Instapage Builder help you realize it.


Point and Click Editing - Instapage allows you to personalize your texts, make quick edits and turn your page into eye candy to make your call to action much more effective.

Templates - Even with the drag and drop feature, sometimes building a site from scratch still takes a lot of thought, time, and effort. If you do not want to build your landing page from scratch, you can make use of over 90 templates made available for you to help you create the perfect professional looking landing page.

Integrate - Instapage allows you to connect your landing page to the services that you already use like Google+, Zoho, Wufoo, Constant Contact, Salesforce, Facebook and much more.


Publishing - Publishing is not taxing, and you can easily do it on WordPress, Facebook or your own domain.


A/B Testing - The best way to increase your conversion rate is to test which landing page makes the most conversions. Through A/B testing, you can compare variations of your landing page and which version is most effective.



Design experts take a lot of time to create landing pages. They also cost a lot of money. So why bother when you can create your own in three minutes?

Once you log into Instapage, you will immediately see the user-friendly dashboard. Here are simple steps that you need to do in just 3 minutes to come up with your own professional-looking landing page.

1. Create New Page - All you have to do is simply click on the Create New Page button which then takes you to the Create New Page screen and viola! You're free to drag and drop, images, boxes and add texts to your Instant Landing Page.

2. Choose a template or use your own - If you already have an existing template that you want to make use of, you can simply import it to Instapage. However, if you don't have one and you don't want the hassle of building a page from scratch you can also choose from the multiple professional looking templates that Instapage has to offer.

3. Select your chosen template or a blank page - Every business owner has a different requirement when it comes to having a landing page on their website. That is why with Instapages, you can choose from their various offerings such as templates for webinars, mobile apps, thank you pages, lead pages, Facebook pages, click through pages, lead generation pages and much more. You also have the freedom to start with a blank page and come up with your design.


The Page Builder is where you will create your awesome page and practically spend most of your time, most of the three minutes for that matter. It is user-friendly and to understand what it means to create a landing page without any coding skills here are the parts of the Page Builder:

Toolbar - This serves as the main control panel and can be seen at the topmost part of the page. The toolbar contains sub menus such as settings, add elements, undo/redo, save, preview, publish, and add variations. Much like any toolbar in Office applications, all the commands you need to execute are found here

Page Settings - This menu has all of the elements or components that you need to customize, personalize and manage your page. You can change your background to your preference, implement search engine optimization, set conversion goals, set default fonts and many more functions.

Selector - The selector allows you to highlight or select contents or elements on the page that you are designing. By selecting elements, you can delete, edit, duplicate and execute other commands.

Attributes - You can access attributes by clicking the edit button. This function lets you access more advanced options for the different components on your page.


Instapage focuses on small businesses, individuals and online marketers who want to make use of their traffic and increase conversions through effective landing pages. There are no coding skills required to use this app which makes it perfect for beginners who want good price points and automated optimization.

Users can build high-quality landing pages without exerting much effort, capture user data through forms, optimize pages for search engines and test pages using split testing tools.


This app has a lot to offer in terms of creating effective landing pages.

Page Editor - With the Instapage editor, what you see is what you get. Create landing pages with templates that you like, then customize them to suit your preferences. Almost all components and elements can be dragged and placed where you want them to. There are SEO plugins as well as social sharing buttons to help you launch and fast track your online campaigns.

Integration - Compatibility with third party apps and solutions help you promote and get the best out of your landing pages. As mentioned above, you can connect seamlessly with other apps, plugins, and websites. With integration, you can automate analytics and your mailing list. You can link your page with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can even integrate this app into your WordPress website.

Split Testing - Part of converting your visitors into customers is knowing which landing page they respond to better. With their A/B Testing tool, it helps you assess your landing pages, compare results and pick the best one for your online marketing campaign. By knowing which landing page is most effective, you can boost your conversion rates and understand visitor behavior more deeply.

Campaign Management - Instapages doesn't only help you build your landing page; they also help you manage and monitor your campaigns.The Instapage dashboard allows you to manage your campaigns, organize your landing pages and watch your leads grow.


Instapage also provides an awesome support system to guide you through your progress. You can count on video tutorials to help you understand how the app works and how you can maximize its potential. Aside from videos you can contact support via email and live chat. Their blogs also provide useful tips that you can use for your own landing page. You can also read a couple of blogs where they share their best practices on using their landing pages and how you can also convert your visitors into customers.


There are currently three Instapage plans for you to choose from. Their cheapest plan costs $29/mo when paid annually and is ideal for digital marketers who are just starting out.


  • Easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Integration with third party apps
  • Over 90 templates to choose from
  • Easy setup on WordPress sites
  • Relatively affordable prices


  • No forums and phone support yet

If you want to create effectively and highly converting landing pages with ease and be able to manage your campaigns effectively, Instapage is an effective app to make use of your traffic and increase your conversions. Click here to view Instapage.

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