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Article writing is a very tedious task. Not everyone has a knack for writing and not everyone who likes writing is even good at it. But articles are the backbone of content writing. Today, we will talk about an awesome resource for original and freshly made articles.

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Content marketing may be the most important trend in 2017. Why? We hear the phrase "Content is King" a lot recently primarily because of how Google changed and updated its algorithms.

Let's start with the basics. Google just like any other business aims to earn money and ultimately remain on top of the long list of search engines. Which is why it needs to provide relevant search results all the time. Google search changes its algorithms for the benefit of the users and never of the websites. Always remember that.

Google's algorithms are geared towards delivering better, and higher quality targeted results. What does this mean for websites? These algorithms look highly on the quality of content.

Gone are the days when content is manipulated to produce numbers. Organic ranking is no longer about numbers but more on quality. This means that for content marketing, the main focus is the quality of the content.


On the plus side, content marketing is an awesome way to engage customers. Through quality content, you are providing expert knowledge within the buying process. You end up with educated and satisfied buyers that are ready to promote.

Your aim in content marketing is to help your consumers by educating them and providing them with quality information that they can use. It is not a direct selling method, but it educates a consumer on how a product benefits them. Thus, by educating them, you are helping them understand and make intelligent purchases.


You got it right. Posting articles are still the best form of content marketing. It actually is the backbone of content marketing. Though videos carry a lot of information, nothing beats a write-up or a piece about a product or service and how beneficial it is to its target market.

This means that for content marketers, producing high-quality articles should be a top priority. This brings a lot of marketers at a loss. Not everyone is born to be a good writer. Writing is a skill, and for some even art. Producing quality articles poses its challenges.

The best solution is to outsource. But it brings us back to the original dilemma that not everyone can write well. It 's hard to find good freelancers online and getting limited and tied to one or two writers has its drawbacks.

Remember, writers have their limits, and most writers work like artists in need of keeping their creative juices flowing. A writer experiencing downtime may is a drawback to your campaign.

This is where iNeedArticles come in. With its pool of writers, you can order whatever article you need, and have it written by a native English speaking writer without the fear of mental blocks and poor quality. You can expect that almost at every order, a different writer is producing your content, thus eliminating the chances of backlogs.



I am a writer, a content marketer, and a website owner. But even though I am a writer, I have a lot on my plate, and in my line of work, outsourcing is essential. A couple of months ago, I decided to get some writing help, and I signed up with iNeedArticles. This tool is an article ordering system that produces top notch articles for your content. With just a few words and instructions, you can order articles on a specified time frame.

Yes, it is as easy as ordering food. If you need content, you do not even have to meet up with a writer. Everything is done online.

How is it done?

ineedarticles-member dashboard

Being a member and ordering is easy. Simply sign-up, create an account and load up on cash. Do not worry about this because you can start with as low as ten bucks. Believe me; it will take you places.

Once you have an account and some cash, the next step is to add the keywords that you need your articles to be built on. Afterward, there is a selection box that you need to fill out.

After accomplishing all of this, your article will be put on the queue and will be written.

As opposed to writing your own content or going online to find a writer, this is relatively easy, cheap and fast.

Turnaround Time

During my first orders, most articles took 2 days to finish. Although some took 3 days, very few reached the 5-day mark. And those were the extra special topics that writers probably stayed away from. Once orders are done, an email will be sent to the customer.

Content-wise, I could say I was and still am content and satisfied. The articles are well written there are very few grammar lapses, and on the creativity part, it was pretty standard.

I checked with Copyscape, and all articles are 100% original material. The articles that I get are all brand new, and never spun nor recycled.

What I like most about the writing style is that I can be confident that a native English speaker wrote it. The structure, word choice, and progression of thoughts are all natural.

If you are doubtful about the quality, you can go straight to the site and read the sample article posted.


Anyone involved in content marketing can benefit from iNeedArticles. Content marketing revolves around articles and passages. Business owners, marketing agencies, freelance marketers, advertisers, individual marketers, enterprise workers and anyone who needs to work on content should start using iNeedArticles. If writing is not natural to you, then it is an utter waste of time to try to write at the expense of finishing your other tasks.

Benefits of iNeedArticles

Clearly, the main benefit of iNeedArticles is a fast and reliable channel to order unique quality content. What I like about it is that these articles are written by native English speakers. The turnaround time is amazing. Yes, some may take 5 days, but knowing this, it becomes everyone's responsibility to order ahead of time. In terms of cost, there are no membership fees, and articles are billed on a per word basis. Its $3.50 for 500 words.

The best thing about this purchase is that iNeedArticles are run by a trusted name on the Internet.

With unique articles, you are sure to boost your content marketing efforts. Remember good articles are engaging. All of the articles that I got from iNeedArticles have so far remained interesting and not one has ever gone to waste. The grammar is fair enough.



There are no membership fees to be a part of this community of marketers and business owners needing articles. With 10 dollars, you can expect two 500 word articles.


The future of content writing is unpredictable. Right now, it has never been this relevant and the need for an application like iNeedArticles is ever more essential. No marketer has enough time on their hands to write their own articles. Remember, if you want to stay relevant, you need more than one post per week.

With Google's constant algorithm changes, one thing is for sure - content marketing will always play a big role in organic ranking.


  • Fast turnaround time
  • Very simple to use
  • Highly affordable prices
  • Articles pass CopyScape
  • Fresh newly created articles are supplied


  • You cannot request to work with a specific writer

If you need articles fast and you need quality posts, click here and stop wasting time looking for a writer online.

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