How Helpful Is The Zendesk Help Desk Software?

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Every single business in the world, whether online or in the physical world, knows that if their customers aren't happy, they won't be happy. This is why businesses invest in hiring customer service agents and buying help desk software. Hiring agents is a tedious process all on its own, but finding the right software for your business is just as harrowing with the wide range of systems available. Look no further than the most popular help desk system available: Zendesk.

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Hiring customer service agents and training them can take weeks. Choosing a software and setting it up shouldn't take as long. Zendesk offers you a quick and easy setup that will only take a few days. Because it's so easy and intuitive, it can also cut the time you spend training your agents. And you don't even have to worry about whether or not it's going to fit your company's environment and workflow because it's extremely customizable.

Zendesk Support Interface

Zendesk - Support Interface

The application takes a little getting used to. But at a glance, it's not overwhelming, and the information isn't scarce. You get all the necessary information you could need without the need to peruse through different tabs and pages. It's multichannel so all your queries from emails, social media, chat, talk, text, and messages are all brought together. It's offered in over 40 languages and localizes content including automations, macros, triggers, and your knowledge base.

Help Desk

Zendesk - Help Desk

Zendesk Support also offers efficient tools for your agents to be able to collaborate, get information, and create automations with ease. These tools help direct queries and tickets to exactly where they need to be to respond faster and build better relationships by delivering great customer service.

  • Business Rules provides you with an opportunity to customize your workflow and processes to fit the nature of your business and the method in which you want to deal with tickets. They've built it in for you to get an understanding of the best and common practices for this and then you can either keep or change it anything from the triggers to the complexity of your workflow.
  • Ticket Forms on Zendesk are dynamic. With Pathfinder, agents can see where customers have been and are going to in terms of being able to solve their problem. You can also create unique forms for different types of customer requests.
  • Being able to respond and get back to customers quick is a huge factor in gaining customer satisfaction. Create Macros for your team and have a set of responses and standard actions ready for your agents.
  • Make sure all your team members are up to date and On Schedule by coordinating their hours, tracking their time, and SLAs.
  • Views on your tickets can be altered by agents to see how they're doing based on ticket status, assignee, group, and others.
  • Their help desk enables agents to use Notes for Collaboration on different types of tickets. Changes are made real time, and you can also see the agents who are viewing a specific ticket.

Zendesk - Apps

Zendesk also offers a live chat software, an integrated call center software, apps to send messages on social media, analytics, and reporting, and so much more. These additional features are set apart from the provided plans and will cost you more. The good thing about it is that it's there and available for bigger businesses that need it. Their basic plans, the ones that cover customer support tickets, starts at $5 per agent per month to $199 per agent per month. All their plans are priced that way: per agent per month.

Custom agent roles:

Essential Team Professional Enterprise Elite
$5 $19 $49 $99 $199
Email & social channels Branded customer portal Multilingual content Unlimited ligroles, agents
Basic knowledge base Business rules CSAT surveys Multibrand support 99.9% uptime SLA
Web Widget & Mobile SDK Performance dashboards Custom reports & dashboards Multiple ticket forms 1 hour service level objective
Launch Success Program Advanced encryption & security
Machine learning Data center location


Lite Basic Advanced Premium
Free $11.20 $20 $44
1 agent, 1 concurrent chat Unlimited chats Unlimited triggers & departments Widget unbranding
Chat rating 2 triggers & departments Operating hours Agent reports
14-day chat history Widget customization Chat reports Real time monitoring
REST API IP access restriction
24/7 support


Lite Basic Advanced Partner Edition
Free $9 $29 $9
1 phone number Multiple phone numbers IVR phone trees Access to telephone integrations & CTI toolkit for:
Automatic ticket creation Group routing Agent performance monitoring Embedded softphone
Call recording & voicemail Business hours Real-time analytics Caller ID & history
Text messaging Insights reporting Tickets with call data and agents assignment
Multiple schedules


  • Quick setup
  • Ease of use
  • Informative ticket stats
  • Create your knowledge base


  • Only does basic customization

If you find that your customer support could use a little more improvement, check out Zendesk. It's easy to use, easy to setup, flexible, and used by so many businesses all around the world.

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