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Web hosting is essential for every website. With this service your website will not be connected to the global community. Hosting is one of the functions that you may want to outsource and HostGator is one of the best solutions right now. Whatever your hosting concern is, HostGator has a solution for it.

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Among the vast sea of web hosting companies, you need to carefully choose who you want to be your partner in uploading, maintaining and managing your website online. Whether you are managing a full blown website or uploading a simple page, you need to find a web hosting platform that balances attractive prices and features.

My business has grown, and from a WordPress site that I have been managing for years, I decided to up the ante and get WordPress hosting. That was when I encountered HostGator. After a few months, my demands grew, and I opted for VPS.

HostGator offers affordable prices and simplified hosting packages that even newbies will be able to fully understand and appreciate.


HostGator is a web hosting platform that provides all of its customers the essential tools to run a full blast website at the soonest possible time. From WordPress users that need basic, shared or managed hosting to clients that run fully functional websites and need virtual private servers or dedicated hosting, HostGator provides end to end hosting solutions which include 24/7/365 support.

Hostgator Guarantee

This platform boasts that their team is with you every step of the way. Whether you have been at it for years or you are putting up your first website, HostGator provides round the clock support any day of the week all year round.

Even customers who need tools to build their fully functional websites can rely on HostGator. Partnering up with Weebly, customers can conveniently build their own websites through a drag and drop website builder.

So you want to let go of your current host and move to HostGator? No need to worry because there is a Migrations Team standing by to transfer your existing content from your previous host to HostGator's awesome platform.

HostGator also offers the best guarantee in the market with a risk-free offer for 45 days and an uptime assurance of 99.9%.

For as low as $3.95/ month, you can start building your own website. Here are the different hosting services that HostGator offers:

  • Web
  • Reseller
  • VPS
  • Dedicated
  • Application
  • Windows

Also, the platform also handles registration, transfer, and management of domains.


Anyone who needs to upload their site to the web, or who is tired of their current web hosting platform and wants speed, security and scalability can benefit from HostGator.

HostGator caters to customers who need web hosting, WP hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. This platform balances attractive prices and features with tools that can be used by simple and advanced web experts.


HostGator offers 5 major product segments which are web hosting, WP hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Let us get to know each of these products in depth.

Web Hosting

As the site suggests, this is HostGator's offer to make web hosting easy and affordable. True enough, prices range from $3 to $10 a month.

There is a web hosting package for each customer type. With a vast array of tools, you can move your business further. Site builders, templates, application installers, and everything else you need to launch your site are in the palm of your hands.

Considering HostGator's partnership with Weebly, you can build a fully functional website with the drag and drop website builder. No coding or programming skills required.

Here are the different Web Hosting plans that you can choose from

Hatchling Plan $3.95/mo Baby Plan $5.95/mo Business Plan $5.95/mo
Now 43% OFF! Now 40% OFF! Now 60% OFF!
Single Domain Unlimited Domains Unlimited Domains
One Click Installs One Click Installs One Click Installs
Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
Email marketing included Email marketing included FREE Private SSL & IP
Email marketing included

Optimized WP

Managing a WordPress site is a tedious job. On top of everything else you need to manage like your business, the last thing you need is half of your day consumed by tweaking things to make your site look better.

Hostgator WordPress hosting


With HostGator's managed WordPress hosting solution you can spend valuable time running your business while leaving your WP site to the caring hands of the HostGator team.

Speed, support, and security - this is what you can expect from HostGator. Knowing WordPress inside and out, you can expect an optimized WordPress installation

Bundling up scalable cloud hosting and robust functionality, you are sure to expect your sites to run faster. Your pages will load at surprising speeds keeping your website fit for the short attention span of your visitors.

HostGator handles your site administration. You are almost in hands-free mode here. Software updates, plugin installations, security and feature upgrades are just among the things that you no longer need to handle. You will have all the time you need to manage your business while leaving all the technical stuff to HostGator.

You can rely on advanced security with daily scans and automatic removal of detected malicious software. In cases wherein you still get hacked, or a fortuitous event causes your website to stop from working, you can expect your data to be backed up at a remote location.

Scalability is what HostGator boasts about. Depending on your plan, your site has the capacity to scale with no expected downtime. Their cloud-based architecture can adapt with any business and any traffic need.

You can easily take your WordPress to the next level with HostGator Optimized WP managed hosting starting at a discounted price of $5.95 for the first month.

Reseller Hosting

You basically just want to earn money. HostGator can help you with Reseller plans. HostGator helps you earn money by letting you host your own clients. Whether you want to earn on the side or you want to be a full blown web hosting company but do not have the physical resources, then HostGator Reseller Plans are right for you.

Hostgator Reseller Hosting


HostGator Reseller plans to provide you with virtually everything you need for your own web hosting company. In case, you outgrow your reseller plans or your business demands more, transferring to a dedicated server is not an issue. These plans boast of having powerful tools, flexibility, and scalability.

The good thing about HostGator is you have complete control over your hosting business like payment methods, resource allocation, and additional services.

Compare the Reseller Hosting plans that HostGator offers, which start at $19.95 per month, and start making money on the side or even full time.

VPS Hosting

If you want dedicated functionality but none of the expense, then HostGator VPS Hosting is right for you. Having more allocated resources than shared hosting but paying less than dedicated hosting because you are still sharing server space, VPS hosting gives you room for flexibility customization. You can completely customize your hosting environment and install advanced software to optimize your hosting experience with the total control that full root access gives you.

Hostgator VPS


You can choose between fully managed, and semi-managed VPS plans depending on what your business requires. With the semi-managed plans, you have no hosting control panel, but you have assistance with basic configuration issues. Fully managed plans, on the other hand, include all sorts of assistance and requests.

Spread across multiple geographic locations, you can rely on quality, performance, flexibility and reliability.

There are three Snappy plans which start at $19.95 per month, a whopping 75% discount from their original pricing.

Dedicated Hosting

If you need performance, dedicated space and full control over resources, then this is the time to beef up, move up to the next level and go for HostGator Dedicated Servers. Dedicated hosting allows you to have maximum customization, installation, configuration and overall control and flexibility.

Hostgator Dedicated Server


The HostGator Dedicated Server provides you with everything you need as it is not just a server solution but also provides tools like the hosting control panel, website builders, and application installers. You can have the peace of mind that your sites are fast, secure and free from downtime.

Get Basic Dedicated Hosting for $149 per month with a discount on the first month, costing you only $79.


Boasting a 24//365 support, HostGator provides all avenues to help you with Live Chat, Phone and Fax as well as Email Support Tickets, There are also forums that you can join as these pages are rich sources of best practices by fellow HostGator clients. There are also video tutorials for all types of packages and functions in HostGator.

What I appreciate most about HostGator is the support that it provides especially during migrations. I now rely on its VPS hosting services for my website, and by far my investment is worth it as my experience has been seamless and worthwhile.


  • Wide range of prices to choose from for each product segment
  • Awesome 24/7/365 support
  • Very useful Weebly drag and drop website builder
  • Very reliable uptime
  • Longest offered guarantee in the market


  • No email security options

If you are looking for managed hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting or simple web hosting, then click here to view what HostGator has to offer. You do not have to worry about migrations, upgrades or even self-management as HostGator will guide you every step of the way.

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