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It's bee proven that videos increase conversions and sales. This has resulted in the creation and release of many video editing software. There are so many videos to assist somebody's sales pitch nowadays that people are looking for a fresh angle. Try attractive drawings and animations. It makes your videos fun and you can create anything your mind comes up with. Make all this possible with Doodly, the simplest drag and drop doodle video creator tool in the market today.

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No matter how old we get or how advanced technology becomes, we'll always be able to appreciate a good doodle. Something about the simplicity and creativity of it just draws people in and brings out the inner child in them. It's an interesting classic that's been giving a breath of fresh air on Doodly.

doodly-video creator

The software lets you create doodle videos that will turn your visitors into buyers. Doodly has over 10 pre-installed characters that have 200 props and poses. There are about 25 scenes, three different fonts, and royalty- free music. And these are from their standard plan alone. You can make it in three simple steps but has tons of powerful features for you to be able to do as much as you can with your videos. Software these days that are claiming to be simple should be able to pass something that's called a "mom test." This means that software is so easy, your mother could use it. And Doodly certainly passes.

Three Simple Steps

doodly-steps1. Create

Choose between blackboard or whiteboard.

2. Design

Step 1 was just that. Choose a background. Now, it's time for you to design it. You can upload your creations or choose from their many pre- installed characters, images, scenes, and sounds. They're all found on the left, and you can just drag in the ones you want; at the bottom is the timeline. You can add as many elements as you can.

3. Export

Download your video and share it with the world!

Doodly helps you create better ads for your business. But it also does very well with social media. Increase brand awareness by sharing your videos on your social accounts and having thousands upon thousands of people watch and share them. Since they're easy to make, you can update them constantly with no trouble at all.


Choose between two pricing schemes: per month or per month billed annually. Then select a plan that works for you and your needs. The software supports the lone entrepreneur all the way to big businesses. Get their Gold plan for $39 per month or $20 per month billed annually. This is the one I was talking about earlier with the 200 characters, 200 props, and images. But for $20 more per month ($10 if you choose the annual plan), you get 750 characters, 1,100 props, and images, as well as access to their club and two new characters with 40, poses and 50 new props every month. This is their most popular plan, Platinum. The Enterprise plan costs $69 per month and $40 per month billed annually. It's like the Platinum plan except you get 40 more tracks to use and the commercial right to sell your Doodly videos like your own.


  • ​User friendly
  • Easy to create and finish
  • Downloads in HD
  • Offers tutorials
  • 30 day Money back guarantee


  • ​Purchasing rights is a little costly

This user-friendly platform gets the job done and does it well. Purchase Doodly now and see for yourself. If you feel like it isn't for you, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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