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Competitive intelligence in the online advertising landscape is a valuable commodity. With it you can make data-driven strategies and decisions to earn higher profits. But gathering competitive intelligence is easier said than done. Good thing there is a unique tool like WhatRunsWhere.

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When it comes to online advertising campaigns, discovering insights and learning about trends is a challenging task to do manually. All the effort needed is worth it though because, with the knowledge on how your competitors are performing through intelligence assessment and behavior forecasts, you can make sound decisions and effective business strategies.

Utilizing competitive intelligence for developing your media advertising campaigns can generate greater ROI for your business. And you can do this without giving much effort by competitive intelligence software like WhatRunsWhere.

What is WhatRunsWhere?

WhatRunsWhere is a competitive intelligence web application geared to help users in buying media ads efficiently. With information on what other advertisers are doing online, where these advertisers are running ads, from whom they are buying, and what exact ads they are using, you can analyze and dissect advertising campaigns for your benefit. Your advertising campaigns then will have reduced risk and a higher ROI.

A huge part of successful advertising is testing. You need to find placements, strategies to gain attention and increase conversions, and find traffic sources in your niche market. WhatRunsWhere lets other advertisers do that testing for you. Learn from the mistakes and best practices of your competitors, and save thousands of dollars and valuable time. Learn from WhatRunsWhere suggestions like placements that your competitors are not utilizing to get a high chance of success.

You no longer need to learn from your mistakes and experiences. Keep track of their strategies so you can plan your campaign thoroughly and purchase media ads more efficiently and with lowered risks. Optimize your online advertising campaign by getting insights on how others run their entire campaigns. With WhatRunsWhere, you can:

  • See where the competition is advertising
  • What ads advertisers are using
  • What ads are and aren’t working

With access to campaign data of over 150,000 display publishers, almost a hundred classified ad networks, and 15 different countries most of which are:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • France
  • Russia

You can spy on top performing campaigns and learn from their ups and downs.

How to Use WhatRunsWhere

WhatRunsWhere has easy to use and simple user interface enabled with tracking capabilities across Google AdWords Content Networks, MSN Content Network, Adsonar, AdBlade, Pulse360, and many others totaling to 19 display networks. WhatRunsWhere lets you search for banners as well as text ads being used by your competitors. Just select the networks from the given list, the timespan you want the search to cover and the keyword to be used.

What are the Advantages of WhatRunsWhere?

Aside from keeping track of your competition, WhatRunsWhere has a lot of other advantages like:

Boosting Ad Sales – Find new prospects and clients by knowing who your competitors are working with. Adjust your pitches and prospecting styles by knowing which advertisers are attracted to different websites. Find out where prospects are running ads so you can tailor fit your pitches

WhatRunsWhere - App Intelligence


Mobile Web & In-App Intelligence – Find out top performing mobile traffic sources with data from over 50,000 mobile web publishers.

Find New Publishers and Advertisers – The competitive data the platform provides will let you find new prospects, publishers, and advertisers.

Amaze Your Clients – Deliver insights to your clients on their creative and buying strategies and help them plan better advertising campaigns geared towards delivering great results.

Spy on Top Performers – See exactly where a specific advertiser is buying space, what ads they are using and what’s working and what’s not for them. Learn campaign insights by searching for advertisers, keywords and top ads. Find out what calls-to-action they are using so you can copy and improve.

Fresh Data – Get fresh data updated on a daily basis and use it to monitor your campaigns and make data-driven decisions. The data that you will get will allow you to be proactive rather than reactive with your strategy.

Historical Data – Use data spanning four years back to monitor how anyone has progressed in a historical campaign overview. Learn how strategies evolved, which ones worked and which ones ended up failing.

WhatRunsWhere - New Opportunities


New Opportunities – Improve your campaigns with new and creative ideas from new traffic sources. Start and scale new campaigns with insights on the digital buying landscape that only WhatRunsWhere users have.

In-App Advertising Intelligence – Find out what works in the mobile ecosystem by viewing your competitor’s overall strategies, campaign overviews and key performance indicators.

Comprehensive Reporting – Enjoy data-driven comprehensive and insightful reports prepared by real humans from the WhatRunsWhere team of experts. By consolidating ads intelligence into easy to read and digest reports, you will not have a problem focusing on your tasks.

Customizable Reports – WhatRunsWhere offers customized reporting so that you get what you need and what you want without the hassle of sorting through a pile of information from complicated reports. You can decide what insights you want to be delivered:

  • Automate your competitive research
  • Investigate your competitors’ traffic sources
  • Decode where and how their ads are placed
  • Uncover your competitors’ market Share of Voice
  • Decrypt rival campaign strategies
  • Get unparalleled insightful creatives analyses and more!

WhatRunsWhere - Competition Research


Creatives Investigations - This is meant to help those who have no idea where to start and how to design their creatives. This element gives analysis and breakdown of your competitor’s best and worst performing ad creatives.

Multi-Platform Exploration – Reports cover intelligence across all platforms, from desktops to mobile web and in-app advertising.

Customer Support

WhatRunsWhere customer support is available via chat and email. The customer support team responds quickly. Free trial members would have to wait a bit longer while paying customers to get answers faster through a dedicated service line.

Pricing Point

You don’t have to rush in and pay just to get a feel of this application. There is a 3-day trial that covers basic support and single user features. After the trial period, you can upgrade your plan to either basic or enterprise. The basic plan covers these features:

  • Single User
  • Exportable Data
  • Basic Support
  • Native Ad Intelligence
  • (3) Saved Ad Groups
  • (5) Trackable Domains
  • Company Contact (Limited)

There are two packages for the basic plan, depending on the platforms that you want to be covered

  • Desktop Awareness – $299/month
  • Desktop/Mobile Awareness - $399/month

If you want more competitive features, you can sign up for an Enterprise package with features like:

  • Multiple Users
  • Customized Reporting
  • Dedicated Support
  • Team Training
  • Native Ad Intelligence
  • Network Search
  • Share of Voice
  • Share of Category
  • Category Search
  • AdMock Tool
  • Additional Company Contacts
  • Increased Saved Ad Groups
  • Increased Tracked Domains
  • Facebook Ad Data*

The prices depend on what you will be needing, and you would have to request a demo to get a quotation.


  • Excellent chat and email support
  • Get fresh data on a daily basis
  • Learn from your competitor's advertising campaigns
  • Get customized reports to suit your business needs
  • Learn from historical data that span up to 4 years


  • Prices are a bit steep but still worth it in the long run

WhatRunsWhere is one of a few unique tools in the web that caters the need for competitive intelligence. Stop learning from your mistakes and let your competitor's ups and downs teach you how to make your business successful. Learn more about WhatRunsWhere here.

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