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If you're a busy online marketer with tons of websites or tons of clients in need of constant updates and management, you need all the help you can get. Many internet marketers spend a fortune on tools and software to help make their job a little easier. One popular software that they use, particularly for content, is KontentMachine. This content generator aims to give you time to focus on other things as it gives you dozens of niche-related articles.

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Backlinks - these are incoming links to your web page. Link building has been one of the most common and classic ways for people to improve their ranks. More backlinks meant higher ranks on all search engines. People who are focused on search engine optimization understand the value of backlinks to one's website.

There are many ways to succeed in link building and many of them require a ton of hours and a lot of writing. You really need to know your stuff and do a lot of research. While that's possible, some internet marketers just don't have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. And this is where KontentMachine comes in.


KontentMachine is a content generator that lets you create thousands of articles within seconds. You no longer need to lose hours doing research and creating your own articles in hopes of getting backlinks and generating traffic for your site because backlinks is the one thing in their minds when KontentMachine was created.

What you get


  1. Powerful Article Builder. Enter any keyword and KontentMachine will create "super-spun articles" from them. Their software is so good that they claim to be able to give you articles from the words "granny panties." Seriously, it says so on their website.
  2. All Types of Backlinks. Isn't this the whole point of the interest in the platform? Launch your SEO campaigns with any and every single type of hyperlink you could ever need.
  3. Cloud Campaigns. It's all about the cloud now. It makes everything easier and lessens the accumulated downtime from needing to download and upload recurring files and processes. All you have to do is upload your campaigns and other needs to the cloud and insert them wherever you need them to be.
  4. Quick Campaigns. A thousand articles in a few clicks.
  5. Kick- Ass Autoblogger. You not only get to generate the articles you need, but you can also take a step back and concentrate on other things for a while because your content can be scheduled for posting way ahead of time.
  6. Locally Saved Files. If you have a local library of content, KontentMachine can spin articles from them, too.
  7. Embed Videos. Give your articles a boost with videos that relate to them. You can find videos from within the platform and embed them automatically.
  8. Relevant Images. If you've got videos, it would be silly not to be able to do the same thing with images. Insert hundreds of them with ease.
  9. Bonus Tools. Let's talk about these helpful little tools in a bit. You're going to love them.
  10. Blueprints. These are what you would call your favorite and most used settings. You can save and reuse them anytime.
  11. Free Spinner. KontentMachine tells you all about their "super-spun articles" a lot. This spinner is free and built in.
  12. Content for All Tiers. When you start the content generating process, you get the option to toggle through tiers to control the quality of your content.

Bonus Tools


The software offers seven additional tools to help with SEO. They don't call themselves powerful and kick- ass for nothing.

  1. GSA Search Engine Ranker. Through the API, GSA SER automatically enters all the content for each one of your tiers.
  2. FCS Networker. This powerful link building tool shares Kontent Machine's goals. Get great tiers with the API here.
  3. RankWyz. This tool is directly integrated into the platform to increase your chances at powerful blog networks.
  4. Senuke XCR. Get built-in export templates for the tool.
  5. Ultimate Demon. Pre-made templates are provided and lets you feed so much content.
  6. Magic Submitter. No matter what field, you'll get a built-in export template for it.
  7. The Kitchen Sink. This lets you export any tool using the Export Template Builder.


Get all of these tools, benefits, and success for $357. But if you provide your email address, you can get KontentMachine at a 40% discount. That's $140 saved.

Worth it?

Let me just say, it kinda feels like cheating. It really does. First of all, you're getting something that you didn't study for yourself. Second, you get tons of articles based on other different articles. Third, it gives you so many other features and tools that make your job so much easier that it can stop feeling like work at times.

But so many are succeeding at it that you can't help but feel like you're missing out. And with the ease and all the advantages, you are. But, it does have its limitations. KontentMachine was designed with backlinks in mind; its intention is to boost your rankings on search engines. This platform was never a way for you to turn your visitors into buyers. So you're going to need to find another way to directly monetize your site.


  • ‚ÄčEasy setup
  • User friendly
  • Works really well for tier sites
  • One time payment
  • Feature rich


  • Quantity over quality content

Kontent Machine offers you a one month money back guarantee. Give it a try and see how much more you can do with a few things taken off your hands.

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