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There are a lot of content creation platforms that claim to help you manage the overall workflow process. However, keeping things organized, easy to access and on time still remains a big challenge. In my experience, GatherContent has solved most of these issues and has made content creation for my team easy and smooth; keeping my clients happy with on-time submissions.

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Creating content is a big challenge, needless to say. The writing part alone takes a lot of productive hours. But content is not just about the written material, and in content creation, the writing part is just half of the job.

Collaborative work is the key to creating good content. And in it comes the biggest challenge - how to collaborate in an organized and seamless fashion.

GatherContent offers a solution to tons of content creation issues, most especially in the collaboration part where monitoring and keeping tabs on tasks is done right in the middle of a very chaotic environment.

Gather Content Collaboration Software


GatherContent was designed to keep large scale projects in a manageable environment. The efficiency it provides makes the most popular CMS or content management systems outdated. Think of it this way, editors, manage the content creation while working with different collaborators all at the same time; using one command center interface that keeps things well organized.

In this platform, each employee, specializing on a certain aspect of content creation, is assigned a task and can be monitored by the editor or whoever is running the campaign.


Before anything else, let us take a closer look at the common issues of developing content with a collaborative team.

  • Content saved as Word documents saved in various locations
  • Time wasted because you are manually chasing late content from your team
  • File attachments lost, corrupted or missing in your inbox
  • Copy-Pasted content into the CMS with non-compatible format
  • Unclear task designations and content creation responsibilities
  • Delays in schedule because of late content


I have been using it for a couple of years now, and by far, this app is very clean and smooth to use. Being a web app, you do not have to worry about losing your file or forgetting to save your progress. When I said very clean, the whole thing is uncluttered. When you are using MS Word or Google Docs, there is still the task of organizing your saved documents. Here, once you have set everything up, and assigned tasks and made the workflow clear, there is no need to organize any further.

Gather Content Organization


By untangling your overall content production process, creating content for large websites or private blog networks that involve collaborative work between contributors, agencies, and clients has never been this smooth, easy and seamless. No need to use, get confused and lose data with shared folders, attachments, and local drives. With GatherContent, collaboration is real time. Which is why it is most beneficial for everyone mentioned above. It is time to end the chaos by managing all your content in one place and meeting your team in an all-in-one editorial platform that lets you keep tabs and govern the overall process.


Customizing and keeping the format that you want for your projects are easy to do. You get to maintain the structure that you desire by guiding your content creators through the templates that you create. Here are a few examples of how specific you can be with your content formats:

  • Web page content
  • Product information
  • Service information
  • Employee Bios
  • Case studies
  • Help content
  • Marketing content
  • News items
  • Email newsletters
  • Print content
  • White papers & ebooks


Here are some of the features that I personally like about GatherContent:

All in One - No need to track, copy, move or transfer content from one drive or folder to another. All of your content is centralized in one repository which means you can have everything ready and at the disposal of your designers and developers.

Structured Content Editor - Make sure your format is always followed by your team through pre-defined structured formats that serve as guidelines as well. This way, your contributors will not submit content that does not adhere to your guidelines.

API Access - Publish your content wherever you need through integrations or API.

Gather Content API publication

View from the Top - Have an overview of all of your projects and see your contents across the board, including which projects are assigned to whom and what the status is of each task.

Simple Export - Forget copying and pasting. You can easily export all of your content into the CMS. With just a few clicks, everything is done in no time.

Customize the Editor - You have control over formatting options for the comfort of your web developers.

Customize the Workflow - Define and structure your content process to ensure that clients and your own team are all on board. Make sure everyone fits into the direction you want your workflow to go.

Roles & Permissions - Another awesome feature is that it lets you customize what your clients and your team can access. Let your writers be writers and developers be developers. Let your clients snoop around or keep them in a limited loop. You have total control of what level of access you want for your team and your clients.

Email notifications - Get notifications about the progress of your content real time through email notifications. Get to know which ones are ready for review and which ones are fit for publishing.

Track changes - When lots of people are involved, expect a lot of changes taking place before a piece of content is deemed ready for publishing. Track whatever changes are done by any member of your team and be on top of how each content progresses.


Let us see what benefits you, your team and your clients will get from using GatherContent.

Plan - if you are running the show, you can easily plan what content needs to be delivered and who should be accountable for each stage in the workflow or creation structure.

Collaborate - Easily collaborate on content using structured templates and guidelines. Keep things efficient and keep your team well aware of what each one's tasks are.

Delivery- Deliver the goods in no time because once approved, you can export them directly to your CMS

No More Chaos - No need for shared folders, manual email attachments, and delayed deliveries.

No More Spreadsheets - Track everything through the platform without messy spreadsheets to determine which content is at what stage.

Gather Content no more spreadsheetsIn a nutshell, everyone is happy because

  • Content is centralized
  • Production timelines and responsibilities are clear
  • Publishing is made easy with clear approval workflows
  • Automatic reminder notifications for due dates and newly submitted works
  • Ready for publishing on time


GatherContent has various pricing points depending on what your company needs. What's awesome about it is that you can try an unlimited version for 30 days without giving away any credit card details. With such large scale projects, the prices really are a great value. Their most popular plan costs $149/mo but for small teams of up to 500 items and 10 active projects, the Studio plan is available at $79/mo.


  • Content is secured in one location
  • Everyone's responsibilities and accountabilities are clear
  • Approval workflows keep things organized before publishing
  • Email notifications keep you updated
  • Finished content is readily available for export


  • There is no phone support

If you want to organize and maintain a seamless collaborative workflow for content creation, then click here and try GatherContent free for 30-days.

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