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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way for you to grow your online presence by having a deep understanding of what your business is. Having this helps you understand what you can do, who you're doing it for, and how you can do it. Many businesses hire SEO agencies to strategize and tailor a plan for them. But even SEO agencies hit a snag, and that's when they hire agencies like Fat Joe.

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Fat Joe

Having an SEO agency or being an independent SEO analyst or consultant has become a lucrative business. So lucrative, in fact, that agencies need to outsource. It's because people know how important SEO is for their business. I have, to be honest, hearing about an agency outsourcing felt a little off to me. A client goes to a certain agency because of their style and reputation, and then someone else does it? But hearing about Fat Joe made me feel okay about it.

Why Fat Joe?

Fat Joe - 1,000 SEO Agencies

Founded in 2012, Fat Joe has become one of the fastest growing outsourced link building and content marketing agencies in the world. They're trusted by over 1,000 agencies in 12 countries and secure more than 5,000 link placements every month. They power some of the largest agencies, publishers, and independent consultants. It's 100% white label, so your clients won't even know that Fat Joe created content or built your links for you. They believe that outsourced services should always be flexible and easily accessible, so there are no contracts. They let you control what you order, how many, and when you need it. And all of their services are built to be easily resold which means quick deliveries and better costs. Place orders even faster with just a few clicks and get completed services in quick lead times. Quality isn't even an issue. Get great services from just a few hours to just a few weeks.

Fat Joe's services can be segregated into two main categories: Content Creation and Link Building. Let's start with the first one.

Content Creation

Fat Joe - Content Creation Service

Fat Joe offers Infographic Design Service. "Clean, crisp and engaging designs that won't cost the earth." - That's their promise. They don't just make beautiful designs; they also make it specifically for you. It's 100% white label and will match the colors of your website brand. They will also give you a fully editable PSD so you can make the changes that you want. Just log into your dashboard, click your order, and download the files.

They have trained designers, but they also have quality writers that can produce UK and US English content. Avail their Content Writing Service. Their writers are fast and come up with magazine quality content.

Link Building

Fat Joe - Link Building Service

Fat Joe powers and specializes in link building campaigns. They offer four different services in this category; the first being Blogger Outreach. Have Fat Joe write your content for you and handle outreach to genuine websites. The content gets written by their writers, and they outreach to sites with high Domain Authority quality metrics. And not just any site, they make sure to find placements on sites with relevant and fresh content. You'll see every single placement they secure live from your dashboard, and you can even export a report into an unbranded CSV.

Next on their list of services under Link Building is Local Business Citations. Get 100% manual local citation submission service. Fat Joe assures you they're all completed by hand, "absolutely no robots." This also includes all NAP information and directories which are indexed, trusted, and rank in search engines. They make sure to list in country specific directories for greater local accuracy, and you get screenshots and a full downloadable report.

Fat Joe can, and will, also do Press Release Distribution for you. Did I mention they'll write it for you and allow unlimited revisions? They will distribute to over 50 online media outlets, including Google News. They'll manually monitor live publications daily and will create a comprehensive report for you.

Aside from press releases, they will also get your infographic published on genuine blogs. Their Infographic Outreach Service helps get you website mentions and earn trusted powerful links that will increase your search visibility. This will also get you brand awareness, traffic, and credibility. And just like their other services, Fat Joe will even write the content to go with it.


You can sign up and create your dashboard for free. But each of their categories has different fees for different services. It's a lot, but it's diversity and range makes it easy for you to be specific with what you want and pay for exactly what you ordered. Their Blogger Outreach Service and Infographic Outreach starts at $60 per placement for 1-25 blog placements in DA10+ websites. Local Business Citations with 25 submissions will cost you $60, and their basic Press Release Distribution plan costs $90 for over 50 sites. As for Infographic Design, their basic plan is worth $145 and will allow up to 10 stats. Content Writing will cost $25 for a 500 word, magazine quality, article.


  • White Label
  • Great Customer Support
  • Vetted and genuine writers
  • Provides full reports for their services
  • 100% confidentiality


  • Too many pricing schemes

If you're an independent consultant or run an SEO agency that could use Fat Joe's services, check them out. They thrive on helping SEO agencies rank websites. They said so themselves.

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