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Email marketing is an important tool in every online marketing campaign. It is still the most effective way to reach people because 34% of the world’s population is using email. That’s roughly 2.5 billion individuals. Using an Email Marketing service like Constant Contact will help you maximize the potential of email.

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We cannot deny that email is an important part of our lives. Marketing through this channel is a powerful way to connect with people because you can put a personal touch when communicating with your target customers.

With all of the tools available in the market, email marketing is fairly easy to do. Keep in mind though that it is easy to do it wrong as well. That’s why you need to use the right tool for the job. That’s what Constant Contact is all about.

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is an easy to use, intuitive, versatile, and affordable email marketing application that has all the features you need to generate leads and increase your conversion rate. It is an all-in-one email marketing platform that breaks down an email campaign into three easy steps:

  1. Create the Look
  2. Select your Audience
  3. Schedule and send

Features of Constant Contact

Drag and Drop Editor – To create a stunning email, all you have to do is pick a template, customize it using the drag and drop editor, and give it a splash of your brand’s theme.

Integration of Social Media – To end the debate of which is better between social media and email marketing, Constant Contact integrates your campaign with social media by letting you post and track your emails on your social networks.

Easy to use Contact Management – It’s more automated and less management required. No need to add emails manually as you can upload from other sources. Furthermore, the tools within the application keep your list healthy by updating bounces, inactive emails and unsubscribes.

ConstantContact-Contact Management

Easy to view Results – After hitting send, you can use tools to monitor click rates, bounce rates, open rates, shares and other pertinent data.

Automated Sending – All you have to do is create a personalized email once, and send it automatically based on triggers like birthdays, anniversaries or holidays.

Set it and Forget it – Schedule a series of emails and every time a contact gets added to your list, Constant Contact will send your emails in sequence to get your audience engaged and later on take action.

Best time to Send – Boost your open rate by scheduling emails when your contacts are most likely to open them.

Social Media Sharing – Share your emails on your social networks by posting them and creating promotions with built in social media marketing tools.

Multiple Users – This works best for those who are working with a team because you no longer have to share logins with the ability to create user credentials that have optional capabilities.

Integrations – You can sync your Constant Contact account with other tools that you are already using.

Why Choose Constant Contact?

There are a lot of email marketing platforms available in the market. What sets Constant Contact apart? One of the best things about Constant Contact is the help and support that you get from the management and community. Being in the market for 15 years and having worked with 650 customers show that going beyond typical support makes a lot of difference. Here you can

  • Learn more about email marketing through seminars, webinars, free product training and personal coaching.
  • Exchange best practices, marketing strategies, tips and more with other users through the community forum
  • Get support from a team of experts that is just a phone call away. You can ask not just product related questions but also inquire about marketing strategies.
  • Get expert advice and help right at the comforts of your neighborhood. Working with a nationwide network of experts allows Constant Contact to reach out and offer training and classes to different corners of the US.

Let Constant Contact do it for You

Nothing beats excellent client relations. The in-house team of Constant Contact will go the extra mile by providing expert services that are tailored for you.

constantcontact-custom designCustom Startup and Design – You can get help in setting up your account and creating custom campaign templates

Personal Marketing Manager – Focus on your business and let an in-house marketing manager who understands your business and your goals run your email marketing campaign for you.

End to end Email Marketing – Why do stuff yourself when you can leave everything to Constant Contact with full-service email marketing from email development, to developing a custom calendar, to creating your content, to analyzing reports, and reporting campaign figures to you, your email marketing consultant will work as a virtual member of your team.

Who should use Constant Contact?

Email marketing is essential to growing a business. Constant Contact’s features and an end to end services are perfect for start-up and small business. Established businesses can also benefit from constant contact as there are webinars, courses, and free coaching to further improve performance. Any business or team who wants to grow a mailing list and eventually converts those leads should take advantage of the features that Constant Contact offers.

Benefits of Email Marketing through Constant Contact

With all the features listed above, Constant Contact indeed provides a complete package that will make email marketing campaign an easy and exciting thing to do. But what does this mean for your business?

  1. Cost Effective – You can reach a large number of subscribers or contacts effectively with just the cost of a very affordable monthly fee. Automated emails and updated mailing lists help a lot with your ROI by keeping your subscribers engaged as they move forward in your sales funnel.
  2. Personalized Emails get more Responses – Using a segmented list and scheduled series of emails let you send more personalized messages which lower unsubscribes, abuse reports, and unopened emails. Also, it’s easier to influence customers to take action if they receive relevant emails.
  3. Measurable – You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Get real-time reports right after you hit the send button. Continuously improve your campaign by tweaking certain aspects that are shown in reports.


4. Mobile Email – More people now check emails using their mobile phones or other portable devices which mean you are even getting a wider audience with email marketing.

5.Emails are Action-Oriented –We are all trained to do something with emails that we receive. We either reply, forward, trash, click through or even follow the call-to-action when we receive emails.


Before subscribing to any of the two plans available, you can try Constant Contact free for 60 days and get full access to all marketing tools and online resources. No need for a credit card to use the free service.

After 60 days, customers have the option to continue the service by subscribing to either of the two plans available. You are entitled to a 100% 30-day money back guarantee, and you are not tied to any contracts.

Email Email Plus
$20/Month $45/Month
Unlimited Emails Unlimited Emails
Contact Management Contact Management
List-Building Tools List-Building Tools
Tracking & Reporting Tracking & Reporting
Social Media Sharing Tools Social Media Sharing Tools
Image Library Image Library
Apps & Integrations Apps & Integrations
Mobile App Mobile App
Custom Designed Template Custom Designed Template
1GB File Storage 2GB File Storage
1 User 3 Users
Access to Articles, Guides & Videos Automation
Seminars & Training Facebook Fan Promotion
Real Live Support Events Registration & Management
Product Help Collect Donations
User Community Customer Surveys
Trackable Coupons
Access to Articles, Guides & Videos
Seminars & Training
Real Live Support
Product Help
User Community


  • User friendly drag and drop email builder
  • Offers end to end campaign management
  • Solid tools for robust campaign reports
  • Wide variety of templates for email creation
  • Easy to set calendar function


  • Cannot use HTML templates with the drag and drop editor

It's free for 60 days and there's even a 30-day money back guarantee. To try out the service and boost your lead generation and conversion numbers, click here to learn more about Constant Contact

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