EasyBlogNetworks Review: The Perfect All-In-One Platform To Build, Host and Manage Your PBNs?

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Easy Blog Networks is a complete private blog network management platform that does not just let you manage, but allows you to build and host your network as well. I personally like it because when I started housing it, I was able to build a blog network within minutes and the best part is no footprints are left behind. Also, the system itself manages the network, and I can sit back, relax and watch it go on autopilot.

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What about Google? You need not worry about creating totally new WordPress blogs and then get penalized by Google. With Easy Blog Networks, Your blogs are hosted on various block IPs in data centers across the globe owned by different hosting companies.

Everything is done for you. Easy Blog Network provides powerful domains and can even setup and design your blogs for you.

If you have blogs from other hosting providers, you need not worry because you can transfer them to your network for free. The team behind Easy Blog Networks will conduct the transfer for you.

Also, if you want to learn more about building and managing private blog networks, you can take the PBN Masters course which is a step by step guide geared towards helping you build your own PBN. For better SEO tactics, you can visit the Easy Blog Networks blog for more tips and tricks.

Whatever it is you may need, Easy Blog Networks can do it for you and build you and income generating private blog network.


Done-For-You PBN

No need to look for aged domains and then manually setup custom blogs. With this service, you simply need to log in and add your links. Easy Blog Networks uses its scraper to get only the best among aged domains. You are sure to have domains that have clean backlink profiles, clean anchor text profiles, and trust flow of 12+.

Done-For-You Blogs

Yes, even designing your blogs can be tedious and Easy Blog Networks has it covered for you. Natural looking custom made blogs are included in this service.

Here is what's in stored for you with done-for-you blogs:

  • Premium WordPress Theme
  • Themed Design
  • Custom Logo or Header Image
  • One Unique Article
  • Popular Plugins Installed and Setup
  • Unique Author Persona with Google+ and Twitter Accounts
  • Legal Pages

Free Import Service

If you have live WordPress blogs from other providers, importing it to your private blog network is free. Importing can both be done manually and automatically. Just fill out the form, and you are good to go.


Natural Hosting Profile

As mentioned above, your blogs are hosted via different A-, B- and C-Block IP's. The hosting profile is setup like this so that your private blog network will look natural. With a diverse hosting setup, users enjoy services from 13 hosting providers and 36 data centers around the globe.


All you need to do is sit back, relax and take a view from the top. Need a new blog? Install one from a random server in just a few clicks. The program itself will handle all backups, security, updates and performance maximization. No need to worry about themes and plugins updates.

Content Publishing

Content Publishing is hassle free. Aside from hosting, content is one of the biggest challenges in building a PBN. Imagine all of the content that you need to produce for your blogs to be functional. Not everyone is a writer, and not all writers can write tons of content in short spans of time. Easy Blog Networks lets you use Content Module which is an all in one article source and spinner. This tool is so awesome it even automatically posts content to your blogs. Keep your blog readers posted without even logging into your blogs.


Hosting and DNS Providers - To make your network more natural looking, your individual blogs are hosted by various providers.

One-Click WordPress Setup - Deploying blogs is easy enough, nd with just one click it gets assigned to one of the hosting providers randomly. Adding plugins and changing settings can be done in just a matter of clicks.

Core, Theme and Plugin Updates - You need not worry about manually updating themes and plugins. This is done automatically, and you are assured that your network is up to date all the time.

Automated Daily Backups - Attacks and other forms of threat and technical issues are prevented by daily backups which can be downloaded to your computer with just one click.

Blog Domain Mail Inbox - Throughout your network, each blog has four email addresses that can receive emails.

Random Username Setup - Again for a more natural look, usernames are generated randomly as well as email addresses using popular American names for display.

Autopilot Content Module - This perhaps is the most complex automation in your toolbox. The sourcing of content, spinning into hundreds of unique copies, an addition of rich media and text and publishing are all automated.

Import Existing Blogs - If you have existing blogs hosted by other providers, you can import them all to consolidate in your network with Easy Blog Networks.

Automated Removal Of Deindexed Blogs - The trash gets weeded out as all deindexed blogs are removed from the servers automatically.

Easy Blog Networks API - Developers are welcome as they can create their apps and use the Easy Blog Networks API to use on the platform.


Your network will have a more natural look because your blogs will be installed on different hosting providers with DNS addresses provided as well. These are shared with thousands of websites around the globe for a more organic feel. Here are some of the hosting providers that work with Easy Blog Networks.

Amazon Web Services - With data centers all across the globe, you can rely on scalable yet inexpensive cloud hosting services. Its flexible infrastructure covers basic to the most complex of needs, from apps to enterprise applications.

Digital Ocean - Relatively new but already a success story, it was able to surpass Amazon Web Services in 2013. It is currently at the fourth spot of the biggest hosting providers in the world. On a day to day basis, is grows by 1000 users and is currently providing service to over 160,000 users.

Gandi - Managing more over 1.4 million domain names in 198 countries around the world, it provides service to individuals and large companies at the same time. Without the need to advertise, it grows by word of mouth with each customer satisfied enough giving it a high net promoter's score.

HostVirtual - With 20 location spread around the world, it has the capability to deploy 500 operating system templates in an instant using its dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 cloud hosting service.

HP Cloud - Hewlett-Packard aims to provide an all in one enterprise cloud service with this platform. It has the leading edge on cloud services, storage, and platform services suitable for most enterprises, service providers, and developers.

Linode - It is one of the fastest growing cloud hosting services with six location around the world. Its setup is most suitable for startups and individuals that have scalable needs.

LeaseWeb - With an uptime of 99.99999%, it boasts of having one of the best service guarantees among competitors. It owns 50,000 servers spread across eight data centers in Europe, North America, and Asia.


Some hosts that work with Easy Blog Networks do not provide their own DNS. No need to worry about that because you are still covered because the amazing team behind the platform use popular providers as well.

ClouDNS - This provider offers a spectrum of services from a free platform to custom DNS packages. It has an average of 99% uptime providing service to more than 50,000 websites.

DNS Made Easy - When it comes to speed, it is second to none in the US and Europe. The company behind it manages over 800,000 domains, and 150,000 websites are using its DNS. With a DNS uptime history of 100% and overall uptime history of 99%, most large companies prefer to use its service.


Easy Blog Networks is not just a hosting but also an automation solution for agencies, small and large businesses and SEO professionals. Private blog networks are still one of the best SEO strategies in the market right now. The biggest challenge is Google is very strict when it comes to black hat strategies. What Easy Blog Networks offers are natural and organic looking PBNs that can pass Google's high standards.


There are different pricing points for done-for-you blogs and done-for-you PBNs. Each was allowing flexibility in budget and needs. You can try a 7-day Free Trial of the first 1-click PBN Hosting and Automation Service for just $7.


  • Easily setup a private blog network that looks natural
  • Design niche blogs directly in your EBN account
  • Long list of reliable hosting providers Automated daily backups keeps your network safe and secured
  • You can import your existing blogs


  • No refund policy

Check out Easy Blog Networks here if you want a whole network automatically done and setup for you with beautiful custom niche blogs that further increase traffic.

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