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Making money on Amazon is hard. It's one of the biggest and most well-known online marketplaces out there and there is no shortage of competition. You'll need the right tools, a great amount of research, and a lot of hard work to make a decent income from the platform. This is where AmaSuite comes in. One of the creators, Christ Guthrie, has been incredibly successful on Amazon and designed AmaSuite to fulfill one's needs to succeed in the marketplace.

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AmaSuite 5

AmaSuite was created to help sellers and affiliates sell or promote in a more strategic way. It aims to be the solution to low affiliate commissions and high manufacturer license fees. Though it was designed to be easy to use, you'll need a substantial amount of know- how and experience in selling on Amazon to be able to make use of the software to its full potential. If you feel a little lost, you can always email creators, Chris or Dave Guindon. But that will take a few days so you can just log-in to the member's area and ask around for help.

Right now, AmaSuite is in its fifth version and has been consistently improving the tools and features in its toolkit to give you better opportunities and training. The original price is $297, but it's on a product launch discount which lets you save $100 and comes with Ali Inspect software. All of the apps on AmaSuite 5 are compatible with PC and Mac.

What can AmaSuite 5 do and give?

AmaSuite 5 - Analyze Top Selling Products

Analyze Top Selling Products. AmaSuite will extract and analyze products on the top 100 categories from Amazon sites in the UK and the US. Find top performing products with the Ama Top Product Analyzer and use their filter technology and other tools to narrow down your options to exact products that you can sell or promote.

Provide Data. A lot of data. With version 5, you can see the main overall rank and the main category for every product you search for. You also get the specifics such as product weight, dimensions, shipping, FBA size, total offers, and the product opportunity score. This feature helps you target products that have few to no competition and find hidden niches.

AmaSuite 5 - Instant Category Search

Instant Category Search. The Ama Top Product Analyzer can search from over 37,000 built in categories and find specific subcategories on any keyword you can think of. This eliminates hours of tedious analysis and searching. Find what you want in seconds in any top 100 categories. When I say it's a unique feature, I mean no other software offers you this ability.

Export to Interactive HTML Reports. Get these reports in a single web file for you to sort through and review as much as you like. You can also sell these HTML files to clients and provide yourself another way to earn money within the software. And it's not just chump change, so many entrepreneurs would pay a substantial amount for these reports.

Blazing Fast Filter Technology. AmaSuite offers one-click filters for you to select on top of each column that provides your data. Create and save all the filters to make researching a faster experience.

Get Total Control Over Your Data. Export data files that contain your Amazon affiliate links. This gives you the option to see these files and change the column filters exactly the way you want it.

AmaSuite 5 - Instant Statistics

Instant Statistics at your Fingertips. Another upgrade you can benefit from this latest version is being able to see the statistics on any column you select. Once you pick the data you want to review, the summation, average, minimum, and maximum values can instantly be viewed.

Search & Analyze More Products. By entering a phrase or keyword, this software can show you more products and discounts for products from the entire Amazon store.

Provide a Simple and Beautiful Layout. Enter a keyword and click Start. That's all it takes to find so much data; especially valuable ones that are being overlooked by most sellers. With the new upgrade, you can also import your saved list of ASINs and product links.

Get Product History Data. You can find a complete report on a product's history with the Ama Top Product Analyzer and Ama Search Analyzer software. You can even see the product rank and the development of it's price over a period of several months. All you have to do is right-click on a product row and click Product History.

The software provides you all of those and so much more. Each tool has been designed to help you find product ideas, keyword insights, internet proxies, and reviews to help you earn money. You also get a bonus sellers training course that covers how you can sell private label products on Amazon. It also tackles how you can make the most out of the AmaSuite software and contains seven thorough starts to finish modules. And if you're not interested in selling products, you can check out their affiliate marketing training course and learn how to research, choose products, generate traffic, and more with their nine module Amazon Affiliate Training Videos.

AmaSuite 5 comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can purchase the product straight away for $197 or pay $67 a month for four months.


  • Easy to use
  • Feature rich
  • Constantly being updated
  • Cheaper than it's competition, Amazing Selling Machine ASM ($3,500)
  • Provides extensive data


  • Limited support

Get the help you need and create more opportunities for you to generate an income on Amazon with AmaSuite5.

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