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You are reading this because you are either curious about link building or you have done it before and you know how important it is for every SEO campaign. Either way, you need and possibly are looking for a tool to make your life easier. This is what DIY Links is actually for. It will revolutionize the way you manage your SEO campaigns and the whole link building process attached to it.

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DIY Links

On a daily basis, there is a limited amount of time and productive hours to cover everything, that's why it is important to outsource. DIY Links lets you outsource your link building campaigns while still being in control of how and where you want your sites to be linked to.

DIY Links is powered by a team that adds new links daily for your campaigns. The only thing left for you to do was to choose which links belong to your niche and start adding them.

Before we continue talking about the features and benefits of DIY Links, let us dive deep into what link building really is and why it is essential.


DIY Links - Link Building

The ever changing landscape of Search Engine Optimization requires all marketers to be up to date and adaptive to the dynamics of the market. Today, link building is as relevant as ever. High-quality links are given more priority by the new algorithms that Google and other search engines use. If you want to be successful with your campaigns, then you need to understand that you have to react fast and should always be headed in the right direction. For these reasons, you need the best tools to steer you in the right direction.


The most basic definition of link building is the process of hyperlinking other websites to your own. A hyperlink is basically what connects pages to one another in the web. Therefore, it is the most basic item that you need when you are navigating online.

Why is this important to understand? Because you need to know how search engines behave. Search engines crawl between websites and links and check the quality of the sites connected to your own.

Link building, therefore, is the most difficult aspect of SEO. Why? Because you need to look for high-quality websites to link to your own and determining the quality of a website is a task on its own.


DIY Links - Link Insights

Lets break the discussion down a bit further. To understand link building, we need to understand the basics of how a hyperlink works to understand how search engines see them. Essentially, there are four parts namely:

Start of link tag: Also know as the anchor tag, it opens the link and informs the search engines that there is something to follow

Link Referral Location: This is the hyperlink referral, or in coding language the text inside quotation marks which indicate the location to where it is pointing, or simply, the URL the link is directed to. It does not have to be a website all the time.

Anchor Text of Link: This is the text that you see on the page that you need to click to reach the referral location. The link usually stands out from the rest of the text and most of the time is underlined.

Closure of Link Tag: Informs search engines that the link tag closes.


Search engines have two basic uses for links - discovering web pages and determining how a page should rank in the results pages.

Let's simplify it. Google crawls all over the web. As it finds pages, it extracts content from those pages for indexing purposes. Kinda like your typical library. So your website is indexed based on the keywords that you are using. What about ranking? Most definitely, there will be more than one website that uses the same keywords. These competing websites are then ranked based on the quality of websites that point towards them. The more high-quality websites linked to a site, the higher its ranking gets.

Think of links is vote of confidence and word of mouth marketing at the same time. Links can even be likened to celebrity or professional endorsers. The more popular or an expert looking the endorser of your product is, the more people would buy them. Same thing here, the higher the quality of the websites endorsing you go, the better your image becomes to search engines.

Through time, marketers found out about these tactics and started working their way around. Google, the ever so intelligent search engine, found out how the system was being manipulated and started penalizing certain link building techniques. Overused techniques became obsolete, and a lot of websites fell to the bottom.

This is the very reason why you need to know which techniques are up to date and which ones work well with Google. This is where DIY Links come into play.


DIY Links helps online marketers discover, understand, and manage efficient link building campaigns that actually work. To understand further, let us take a closer look at its features.

Features and Benefits

DIY Links - Link Building Campaigns

Here is a short list of all of the features that you will get with DIY Links:

  • New Link Targets Added Daily
  • Add Your Own Link Targets
  • Link Insights
  • Export Link Reports for Clients
  • Add Staff & Clients to Projects
  • 100% White-label Portal

Let us take a closer look at these features.

Link Building Campaign Management - Management is key, and DIY Links makes management of projects easy for you. You can create and organize each campaign without the hassle of spending countless hours starting from scratch.

Staff & Client Access - Collaboration is key for link builders. Most likely, you are working with a team or leading your team. With DIY Links, you can assign and manage tasks and keep tabs on everyone.

Fresh Daily Link Targets - The team behind DIY does all the research for you and publishes new link opportunities daily on top of an already huge database.

Your Link Targets - You can also add your own group of links to your account which you can utilize for your link building campaigns.

Niche Links - The team continues to research for niches and industries that DIY Links users can add into their campaigns.

Link Insights - Knowledge is power, and with the ability to gather important link analytics for each link in the database, you are always guided on what step to take.

Step-by-Step Instructions - Though this is for the newbies, everyone has to start somewhere. There are simple instructions that you and your team can follow for easy backlink building.

Easy Access Reports - No need to toil and spend hours gathering data and compiling reports. You can export readily available link building reports for your team and your clients in no time at all.


DIY Links is for all online marketers that need help with their backlink building campaign. Yes, it is as tedious as it can be, but I may be the most rewarding tactic of all. Which is why this tool is useful for

  • Small Businesses working on a tight budget but in dire need of visibility online
  • Marketing Agencies that manage multiple clients all with challenging SEO campaigns
  • Freelancers who want to take more clients but have limited time available
  • Big companies that need to publish their press releases to quality websites
  • Media companies that need to maintain a huge network


There are three packages to choose from depending on what you or your company needs.

Freelancer Enterprise Agency
17 77 37
monthly monthly monthly
3 Active Projects Unlimited Projects 10 Active Projects
50 Link Targets per Category Unlimited Results Unlimited Link Target Results
Up to 2 Additional Users Unlimited Users Up to 10 Additional Users
14-Day Risk-Free Trial 14-Day Risk-Free Trial 14-Day Risk-Free Trial

What's great about the rates is the 20% discount that you will get for paying annually.


  • Fresh daily link targets ensures you are updated daily
  • Reports are easily accessible
  • Manage multiple campaigns with ease
  • Rates are really low especially if you opted for the annual payment
  • You can set your own link targets


  • The product's soft data traffic may cause virus penetration, so be sure to have an updated anti-virus

What's great about the rates is the 20% discount that you will get for paying annually. Try it while it is risk-free. You need not worry about your money with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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