PipelineDeals: Ditching Spreadsheets For A CRM Software

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Small to midsize businesses (SMBs) usually track their sales prospects and pipeline in a spreadsheet. It's familiar and effective. But it causes your sales team so much time having to manually input each data that it takes away from time they could've spent looking for more prospects or closing deals. This is where customer relationship management (CRM) software comes and makes things easier for you. PipelineDeals is one of those software that is specifically for SMBs.

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Nowadays, having a spreadsheet of each of your sales person's progress won't cut it. Aside from the fact that it takes up a lot of time, there are a ton of them for you to monitor; especially if you have a large team. You could end up overlooking a couple of good deals and promising prospects. It can also be redundant and difficult for your team to keep track of who handles what. PipelineDeals was designed with the modern sales team in mind; a team that has total control and insight to your sales pipeline. It's a software that is CRM but also incorporates Sales Productivity with the aim of improving how well and how fast your business grows.

Why PipelineDeals?

It's one of the most popular CRM software out there. It was built to help your team become more productive with its powerful tools that help you see your sales pipeline and stay in control. It's an easy transition from spreadsheets and allows you to view data and manage it better because it's connected to their communication and tracking tools. The company claims that you can get started in 2 minutes and will help increase your revenue and close deals faster.

How much does it cost?

The software has a 14-day free trial that requires no credit card. When you're ready to make a purchase, their plans start at $25 per month per person if billed annually. Their Accelerator Plan costs $49 per month person billed annually. They also offer the Optimum Plan, but you'll have to contact them for pricing. The first two plans start with 3 users, while all three have unlimited document storage, phone, chat, and email support, a customizable pipeline, activity tracking and more.


Let's start with the pipeline; you can map each stage of a sale that's in your sales pipeline. You can customize these stages, as well as the metrics, to suit what your team is accustomed to. This will help your team, and your managers see your progress and see it fast. It's easier to stay up to date and informed about your quotas and the deals that are in your pipeline. This also includes an easy-on-the-eyes report of your sales velocity, victories, and losses. The homepage contains all the latest activity for all of your deals, and the managers can see all of the data that relates to their respective teams. Company executives, however, can see everything. All you have to do is click one item, and you get redirected to the deal page.

PipelineDeals - Morning Coffee Report


The great thing about PipelineDeals is it has a Morning Coffee Report that it sends to your email. It gives you an overview of yesterday's progress and the current status of your pipeline. Then you can quickly decide the gist of the things you'd wanna tackle throughout the day.

PipelineDeals - Sales Acceleration Toolkit

The software also has a sales acceleration toolkit that gives you data on deals you need to follow-up on. This toolkit lets you send emails and see which ones have been opened, if they've downloaded an attachment, or clicked a link. A full report of your clients and their actions can be seen, and it's a great way to see where they are in your pipeline and which ones you should move along. You can even create and then share email templates with your team. You also get to add your emails to deal records so that no matter who corresponds with a client, they have a record of previous communication any of the other team members have done.

PipelineDeals - Customizable Deal Templates


Create a customized and standard deal template that includes a flexible timeframe and tasks for you to do to close a deal. This helps you stay consistent and provide a uniform service. PipelineDeals will even organize any task that is added to individual deals and keeps your priority list up to date. You will find the next items on your to-do list, posted on your homepage, so you don't slip up.

Manage your leads and strengthen your relationship with each on of them from start to finish. You can even collaborate with your team members to avoid redundancy and for them to see which type of leads the others have, where the leads came from, and where they are in their deals. If you have a contact list before PipelineDeals, you can easily import them and have your team see everything from one easy to use platform. Say goodbye to forgotten leads, multiple account entries, and team miscommunications.

It used to be difficult having a huge sales team, but the software offers activity tracking that lets your people log in everything from their calls to their events. You can customize the categories included to fit your business. Having detailed reports that include time periods and emails, your members become better informed of how the team is doing and move to close deals faster. You even stay informed even while you're out waiting for your next meeting because PipelineDeals is optimized for mobile.

By creating sales automation, you free up time for your people to move on and dig through their to-do list. You can automatically receive tasks and lead updates, and receive notifications about updates, closed deals, and milestones. And if that doesn't hasten your process, you can even integrate your favorite Google and Windows apps, as well as many other third party tools that you've come to know and love to help you progress faster. Aside from those, PipelineDeals still has many other features to improve your data, sales performance, and others in pursuit of developing your business and making it better.


  • User friendly interface
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Highly customizable
  • Morning Coffee Report
  • Great support


  • Limited third party integrations

This feature rich CRM software deserves to be given a try. It's one of the most popular CRM software out there for a reason. Learn more on how it can help your business here.

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