DigitalMarketer Review: Should You Buy It?

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Marketing is a challenge that can sound a bit boring to someone who doesn't exactly know what it is. It's also become a challenge that must also be taken online. Nowadays, if you're not marketing your product online, you're missing out on numerous opportunities. Don't miss out. In fact, be a pioneer. Know what to do and how to do it, before anybody else does. Be a digital marketer and see how fun and not boring it can be.

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Digital Marketer claims to be the number one source for up-to-date tactics and strategies. They support both the individual trying to make sense of it all and the business that's trying to be better. They aim to keep you updated and help you become the online marketer you were meant to be, without you wanting to pull your hair out.

Digital Marketer - Digital Marketer HQ

There are two versions of the software: Digital Marketer Lab (for individuals), and Digital Marketer HQ (for businesses). Digital Marketer Lab or DM Lab, was the result of the CEO, Ryan Deiss, wanting to put all of their checklists, and information into one place. These checklists included articles from his team experts discussing creating landing pages, Facebook campaigns, and the like. By becoming a "Lab Member," you'll get to see all of these:

  • 16 step landing page checklist
  • 9 step subscriber win back campaign
  • 22 step offer optimization plan
  • 5 part customer save series
  • 18 step customer acquisition strategy

Digital Marketer - Execution Plans

Ryan calls those the "ultimate shortcut" to being able to finish all the tasks that would've taken longer without DM labs. To generate more traffic, they've come up with an Execution Plan. Here are some samples:

  • 18 step checklist to launch your own Facebook campaign
  • 23 step checklist to drive more sales on Facebook by using "Custom Audience" on campaigns
  • 22 step plan to generate new leads with Twitter ads
  • 16 step Linked In Advertising Plan

Digital Marketer - What's Working Now


Aside from all of these "cheat sheets," DM Lab members also get to join "What's Working Now" meetings, which are discussions with DM team members from everywhere, talking about the current marketing trends. This is a great way to get new ideas for your business. You can even ask them questions about their discussion.

You get the same type of perks with DM Engage. The difference? Their members include some business hot shots like popular SaaS startup founders, a former VP of Pepsi, senior VP or marketing for one of the largest fitness companies in the world, authors, bloggers and mediapreneurs, seasoned CEOs, and some brilliant lawyers.

You can get all of these for $38.60 a month. If you like it, it'll turn into a monthly plan. But if you don't, just message Ryan, and he'll give you your money back.

For absolute newbies, DM Lab is a good way to get on your feet. They have great learning materials, support that includes experts, and a thriving community of people that want to help you succeed, too. But if you're short on cash, or believe that you can figure things out on your own, all it takes is the right keywords to learn everything you want to learn.


  • Thorough
  • Lots of education materials related to marketing
  • Tons of other products to help you succeed
  • Weekly "Office Hours" Calls that greatly improve their support repuation


  • Site needs to be more informative

Check out Digital Marketer and see how much easier making money can be.

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