Creating Connections Quickly and Easily: The Intercom Communication Sytem

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The Intercom Communication System is an easy and affordable system for business owners to engage with their customers, making it easier to find their target audience, build and maintain a client base, and offer customer support. Intercom offers both a help desk and live chat solution, so it is easier to respond to the needs of the client.

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As any e--commerce business owner knows, the lifeblood of any online business is the ability to reach, interact with, and take care of customers. No e-commerce can survive if it does not have any traffic, regardless of the usefulness and relevance of their product or service.

In order to create, grow, and maintain a customer base online, both regular and potential clients must feel that they are valued by the business owner, and this means being able to communicate easily with them. For the most part, social media has created a virtually instant method of communication between e-commerce owners and their clients; however, being able to streamline these methods of communication can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you are running a large, multi-national business with multiple social media accounts, and international clientele.

Intercom is a quick and easy program that allows you to integrate all your channels of communication into one streamlined platform, making it easy to receive comments and feedback from your clients, as well as disseminate information among your client base.

What are the Features of Intercom?

Intercom has four main features:

Intercom - Targeted Live Chats

  • Live Chat - One of the best ways for a website visitor to become a potential customer to make them feel as if they are valued, and that you appreciate their time and effort in visiting your website. It's the same principle behind having personal store greeters around a store; when people feel that they are valued by a business, it makes them for likely to value the business in return. Intercom offers a live chat option to your website so that visitors can immediately receive answers to their inquiries, get live help in navigating the website, or simply feel welcome to your site.

Intercom - Marketing Automation

  • Marketing Automation - Intercom offers marketing automation services, which means that when clients visit your website, they will get the option to receive targeted email and in-app messages for store-related information. Whether it's information on an upcoming sale or new products, Intercom's marketing automation feature ensures that your clients receive the latest information about your business automatically, so you won't have to worry about regular advertising and emailing your clients.

Intercom - Customer Support and Feedback

  • Customer Feedback - The best way to learn about how to grow and develop your business so that it can better serve the needs of your clients is through customer feedback, and Intercom offers your clients a quick and easy way to give their feedback to you. They can choose to their leave their feedback via the in-app feedback form, or for more sensitive or direct matters, your clients can also choose to email their feedback to you.
  • Customer Support - Whether it's a client with some questions about your products, or clients who need help understanding your services better, Intercom also offers a quick, easy, and efficient customer support system.

Who Benefits from Intercom, and How?

Anyone who has an online business, whether it's an e-commerce store, or a digital marketing agency, can benefit from using Intercom because it allows a constant, quick, and easy flow of communication and support between the business owner and their clients. Intercom can work for both small-scale and large-scale businesses because it can handle any kind of customer need traffic.

The biggest benefit that you can receive from Intercom is a program that allows for all your customer service, and customer support needs to be handled from one easy-to-use system.

What can I Get from Using this Program?

Instead of having to hire multiple workers to handle your customer service needs, you can bypass of those separate problems, and integrate them into a single program. It's cheaper and easier compared to having to handle multiple chat lines and customer service programs, and direct communication with clients has neve been easier!

All the purchase options for Intercom come with Basic and Pro versions. The Basic version is recommended for small-scale business owners, as well as e-commerce startup companies, while the Pro version is better suited for large-scale, established companies that need massive customer service and support.

Intercom comes with a 14-day free trial for their Basic version, and you can choose to upgrade or downgrade between the Basic and Pro version at any time.


  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Upgradeable or downgradeable depending on your needs
  • 4 Products to Choose from for Complete Customer Care


  • No annual prices or discounts

Check out the Intercom program for an all-inclusive live chat, customer support, and customer feedback service that's easy to use, easy to understand, and very affordable. It will make communication between your company and your target audience seamless and quick!

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