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The biggest struggle for online businesses that are just starting is getting people to notice you. So you create social media accounts with the hopes of attracting enough followers that will turn into buyers. But with the limited characters and interactions on Twitter, digital marketers are finding it hard to get followers. WP Tweet Machine is a plugin that will help you get those followers and improve your overall Twitter experience.

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Twitter is one of the easiest ways for celebrities and politicians to quickly communicate with their followers and fans. For the latter, all it takes is a click of a button, and they're constantly kept up to date about their favorite people's lives.

The beauty of it is that the platform has grown to recognize companies and corporations as well. There have been many viral posts about funny and inspiring Twitter exchanges between a famous food chain or clothes company with a follower. And as an online entrepreneur or digital marketer, having that type of fame and an enormous amount of followers is a dream that requires a ton of hard work for you to get.

But not anymore...


WP Tweet Machine helps you get thousands of Twitter followers within a few days. This includes email addresses to add to your list for your email marketing campaigns. Get tons of followers, tons of automation features, and tons of opportunities by purchasing this new WordPress plugin. It's easy to set up, and you practically just leave it alone right after. It does most of the work for you!




  • Get real followers fast
  • Get email leads for free
  • Automatic video and image curation and posting
  • Add and Tweet from any website using RSS feeds
  • Add unlimited content sources
  • Custom promotions and engagement section
  • Target followers based on your niche
  • 2-minute setup

The platform is designed to help you earn money without doing much of anything. Take for instance the custom promotions and management section. This gives you content and promos that you can spin, reuse, and post for your followers to see and lead them towards becoming buyers. And these followers are your followers because they fit your niche, so it really won't take much to convince them to purchase whatever niche- related item or service it is you're selling. You get the words "autopilot" "automatic" and "hands-free" a lot on their website, and so it's really what you fully expect once you buy it. And once you do buy it, it's all you see and experience. I wasn't buying it at first because I didn't think you'd find a set and forget type of software like this that would actually work. Despite my curiosity, I bought it mainly so I could laugh and prove my point about how everything needs hard work and what not. But, boy, was I wrong.

Get their Single Site License at $17. It's originally $37, but they're having a sale because they just recently launched version 2.0. Their Unlimited Site License, which used to cost $77, is also on sale for $19.23. If you purchase it while their early bird promo is still active, you will also get the WP Tweet Plugin for Unlimited Sites which lets you create one click Tweetable links from within the content of your WordPress site. This is valued at $27. You will also get the WP Like Pop Plugin for Unlimited Sites, also valued at $27. This adds a popup that looks like the Facebook Like button for any of your fan pages. Their promo will be ending soon so you should check it out now!


  • Easy to use
  • Works on autopilot
  • Gives you thousands of followers
  • Gives email leads


  • ​Original price is a tad expensive

WP Tweet Machine is an easy solution that is currently easy to afford. Don't miss your chance to build your Twitter following for a low price, along with some great plugins that will help grow your business. Get yours now!

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