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A lot of marketers need to manage plenty of WordPress sites. Managing one is easy, but more than 5 can be a bit time-consuming. Time is important especially if you are in the business of online marketing. What everyone needs is a software that makes WordPress site management easy and less time-consuming. CMS Commander is currently the most efficient and effective WordPress management platform.

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Managing a lot of WordPress sites for online marketing is a time-consuming task. Imagine posting articles one by one, monitoring performance, editing profiles and creating and deleting accounts. For a business owner or marketer, you may have a lot more other responsibilities that need attention. CMS Commander is a WordPress management platform that lets you save on one of the most valuable commodities in the online business community - time.


It is a platform that lets you manage all of your WordPress sites in one easy to use and powerful web dashboard. With a command-center-like function, you get to save time and earn more by focusing on other income generating tasks. WordPress management has a lot of redundant tasks which consumes a lot of time. CMS Commander helps you manage your blogs in the least amount of time possible by taking on updates and other tasks in one sweep freeing you from these repetitive tasks for spending more time on your business itself.


CMS Commander is the best choice for content marketers and those who make money out of affiliate marketing. It is compatible with more than 20 services that are useful in building engaging content to make your blog network more profitable. It lets users access huge article resources, locate copyright free images and videos, and insert affiliate ads.

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CMS Commander makes WordPress management faster, easier and a lot more fun. But wait, there's more than that. Users also get access to tools that create awesome and unique content. Furthermore, these tools help with article optimization to further improve earnings.

Here are the key features of this platform:

1-Click Updates - No need to monitor and update your WordPress sites manually and individually. You can easily install the latest version of WordPress as well as keep your plugins and themes updated with just one click. Do it by batch and save lots of time.

Copy Blog Settings - Do you have a preferred blog setup? If you think one of your blogs has it going, you can copy its settings and plugins and automatically setup your other blogs in the network in the same way. This the features and settings that work for one blog get spread across your network for better performance.

Bulk and Scheduled Posting - Is simultaneous posting available? Yes and it you can do that regardless how many blogs you are managing. Keep your blog network fresh with new posts regularly without going through the hassle of posting one by one. Also, you can schedule your posts which are really convenient and a total time-saver.

Manage User Accounts - No need to worry about creating new accounts, deleting useless ones or updating the details, profiles, and settings of current ones. You can manage all of your WordPress user accounts in bulk without going through the hassle of doing it one by one.

Manage Content & Comments - Publishing is made easy and do it with easy on all your blogs. Through the command center, you can approve or remove comments, delete comment spam and ensure all comments are within your preference.

Automatic Backups - Expect the worst and hope for the best - in online business and marketing, you can never be too safe. It is a good thing that CMS Commander backups all of your sites regularly to make sure that even if the worst comes, you still have the best coming your way.

Easy Restore - If you ever made an error or something simply went wrong, you are just a few clicks away from turning back time. Restoration using one of your backup files is as easy as pie, and you can go back to your site's previous state as if nothing went wrong.

Clone Websites - As easy as copying and pasting words into a document, you can clone an entire WP blog with its files, settings, and content to a totally new domain. Cloning can save you a lot of time especially if you want to kick start a new project.

Many Content Sources - You can import content and use any of the free sources that come with the platform whether you are looking for news, videos, pictures and other written content for your own website.

cms commander create and optimize content

Article Spinning - Bulk posting means tons of supply of content. With just a few original articles, you can produce hundreds of new ones for your bulk posts by using the spinning software integrated with the program. With article spinning, you can create unique variations of your original posts. Use services from The Best Spinner, Spin Writer, Spinner Chief, and ChimpRewriter

Affiliate Network Integrations - With an integrated affiliate network, you have several options and money making opportunities. You can use your blogs for affiliate marketing or even build dedicated affiliate stores. This way, your posts are monetized. Insert targeted affiliate links, showcase affiliate products or insert ads to increase your potential of making more money. Be an affiliate marketer for big names such as

  • Amazon
  • Commission Junction
  • eBay
  • Rakuten LinkShare
  • Shopzilla
  • Share-a-Sale
  • Prosperent

cms commander affiliate network integrations

Backlink Count Tracking - Keep track and know the stats of all the backlinks for your sites. Be informed about the dofollow and nofollow links. Easily manage your backlinks by keeping track of your numbers.

Google Analytics Network Stats - Include traffic stats into your dashboard by integrating your Google Analytics account.

Import Existing Blogs - Do you need to import your existing blogs? Your blogs from other hosts can easily be integrated to the CMS Commander system, and you are just a few clicks away from consolidating your entire network.

Uptime and Page Speed Monitoring - Monitor uptime right at your dashboard. Know how fast your websites respond and find out which ones need to improve on performance.

Secure SSL - You need not worry about how CMS Commander communicates with your sites. Feel safe with SSL encryption and keep all of your important information confidential.

No Password needed - No need to provide CMS Commander with your admin password. With a secure plugin, CMS Commander can manage your websites without accessing it using your password.

Malware Scanner - Keep your sites protected by running malware scans right out of your dashboard. Know when any of your sites are being threatened by simply looking at your dashboard notifications.

2-Factor Authentication - Your account is always protected with changing passcodes which only you can see and have access to. This tool is powered by Google Authenticator.


What's great about CMS Commanders packages is that all types of users are accommodated. From first timers to individual business owners to large companies, there are corresponding fairly priced packages depending on the need. If ever you need to upgrade or downgrade, you can do so any time without any hassles. There are no contracts that will require you a certain amount of time to be a subscriber. Also, if you need more user accounts, you can add $9 to your monthly fee for 20 more users. The packages are so flexible, and as your company grows, all you need to do is contact the CMS Commander team to upgrade your subscription.

Here are the different packages that you can choose from:

Beginner bloggers who want to try it out

Manage 3 Sites Basic Features 0 Users Free

Website owners and marketers

Manage 5 Sites All Features 0 Users $8 / mo
Manage 10 Sites All Features 0 Users $12 / mo
Manage 20 Sites All Features 2 Users $16 / mo
Manage 30 Sites All Features 3 Users $20 / mo

Large businesses, agencies, and networks

Manage 50 Sites All Features 5 Users $30 / mo
Manage 100 Sites All Features 10 Users $45 / mo
Manage 150 Sites All Features 15 Users $60 / mo
Manage 200 Sites All Features 20 Users $75 / mo


  • Easily import existing sites
  • Low monthly fees
  • Post, edit, and manage in bulk
  • Easily create and delete new accounts
  • Your sites are secured with backups


  • No annual discounts

It has a free trial period, the monthly fees are affordable and you get to save a lot of previous time without breaking a sweat. Click here and try CMS Commander now and see how you would like it.

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