ClickDesk: Your Multi-Channel Support Software For Increase Customer Satisfaction

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As a customer yourself, you prefer companies that provide excellent service. Being on the other end of the spectrum, you need to understand that it is your job to ensure your customers are happy not just with your products but with their overall experience as your client. Improve customer satisfaction by using customer support tools like ClickDesk.

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All marketing experts would agree that quality customer service is crucial in every business. Your customers help your business grow through promotion or word of mouth. Often, businesses measure this as the Net Promoter's Score. Customers usually give a high NPS to businesses that have excellent customer service.

An important aspect of customer service is live support. Not all customers can wait for help to come and top it off with an 8-second average attention span, your business is doomed without live support.

One of the most efficient forms of live support is chat. Compared to phone support, the customer does not need to go to his phone to call. Furthermore, its visual nature helps customers understand answers more. Like if there is a set of instructions to do, it would be such a hassle to jot them down if you were talking to someone rather than just seeing it in a different window. For my WordPress site, I am currently using ClickDesk. Let's get to know more about this awesome live chat and support software.



ClickDesk is a complete live support software that combines live chat and helpdesk support. Through ClickDesk's live chat software which covers web chat, voice chat, and video chat, businesses can boost user engagement. Other advantages of this platform are social media management, robust analytics, and ticket management system for help desk support

Let us take an in-depth look at the features that ClickDesk offers.

Live Chat Software


Live Chats Map - Know your customer to provide better service. Through the chat panel's live chats map, get intuitive information and check out each visitor's name, email address, country, chat history, referring URL and other details. Actively initiate conversations with visitors that are high potential leads. With the Live Chats Map, you can filter your visitors by country, chat status, web activity and more. It works like segmenting a mailing list for email marketing campaigns.

Proactive chat greetings - Turn your visitors into customers and ensure their satisfaction with proactive greetings based on location, URL, and whatever information that they have.

Chat from instant messengers - You have the flexibility to take conversations on whichever IM platform you prefer like Google Talk. You can receive chats from your customers as well as your personal contacts in the same platform. No need to learn new tools since you can use a chat platform that you are already used to.

Typing notifications - Read your visitors' minds by knowing what they are typing before sending it to you. Anticipate their questions or whatever they have to say. With this knowledge, you are always at an advantage which will result in better sales.

Video Chat Software

More than chat, your visitors can place voice and video calls right from your website. No need to install any software for this function. Show your visitors that you are sincere in helping them by letting them see who they are talking to. With the Click to Call button, visitors can video chat or call you with just one click.

The video chat software lets you talk to your visitors instantly without any added costs on your plan. You are sure to delight your visitors with high-quality video and voice.

Help Desk Software


ClickDesk's comprehensive help desk software is automatically integrated with the live chat tool. This way, you can stay on top of questions and concerns from your visitors.

The embedded contact form for support tickets ensures customers can reach you as soon as possible. With a streamlined user experience, you can assure customer happiness by never missing any important messages.

Email Support - With email support, taking care of support tickets is just like answering emails. Users receive personalized email replies which result in better customer satisfaction.

Customizable Ticket Management - Handle customer concerns more efficiently with customizable macros so that you can run preset actions based on particular ticket types. These set of rules requires less manpower time and fewer resources for your company. With an automated ticket management system, you do not need to assign tickets manually, and before each ticket is assigned, the macros have already done preliminary work for your team.

Social Media Integration

Social media brings in a lot of traffic. So increase your social media traffic by bringing Twitter and Facebook into your live chat support. By adding like, tweet, and follow buttons to your chat widget through the social media toolbar, you can allow your visitors to do these actions without leaving your website.

Facebook integration lets you build stronger relationships with your customers. You can get more likes with improved engagement.

Help Desk Metrics

With advanced reports, analytics and metrics you can make better business decisions. Chat reports can give you a clear picture of the service that you are providing, and through detailed SLA reports, you can adjust your team's performance for better efficiency and higher productivity. To gauge your agent's performance, you can keep tabs on missed chat counts and missed opportunities.

Through weekly chat reports, you can get an overview of the chat volume for the week. With the right information, you can project service level needs and add agents during days that have expected high volumes.

Aside from volume reports, you can check chat duration reports to determine what your team's average chat duration is. This way, you can check how effective your agents are at resolving concerns.

Ticket status reports, on the other hand, provide enough information to help you manage helpdesk tickets and live support. Weekly ticket reports show ticket activity on a daily note which includes stats on new, opened and closed tickets and determine if your team is handling tickets within service level goals

Mobile App for Online Support


With the mobile app chat support feature, you can take chats and manage helpdesk tickets from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.

With the ClickDesk Mobile App you can:

  • Chat with Customers
  • Manage Tickets
  • See Visitor Details
  • Manage Agents
  • Search and Sort


If you are a website owner, online business owner, service provider, or anyone who is marketing a brand online, customer service is of utmost importance if you want to keep your customers, have repeat customers and new customers brought about by your existing loyal ones. Customer service is one of the services that businesses compete over. It is not just about product quality anymore. Customers prefer companies that provide excellent service.

This is the very reason why using ClickDesk as your customer service chat and support tool can greatly increase your customer satisfaction rating.


Compatibility with All Devices

No need to worry about compatibility as ClickDesk's chat app is compatible across all platforms and devices. Your customers can access your support channels whatever device they are using and you, on the other hand, can respond to chats, receive calls, reply to tickets wherever you are and whatever device you are using whether you are on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Customer's hate it when support answers are late. With ClickDesk's compatibility features, you can provide service anywhere and anytime.

Uptime Guarantee

ClickDesk is the only live support provider in the market that guarantees an uptime of 99.95%. They are so confident with this that they are even offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

Customer service depends on uptime. As a business, you cannot afford to have downtime moments, especially with your support service. Again, the purpose is live support, and if your live support is down, it does not give a positive impression of the company.

Clickdesk is built on Amazon Cloud with redundant backups in Singapore and Ireland. Rest assured, your customers can rely on 24x7x365 support coming from you.

Comprehensive Software

ClickDesk is a comprehensive software that offers advantages like:

  • Multiple Chat Themes - You can customize your chat widget with colors and gravatars to make your brand more identifiable
  • Take Chats from IM - Since ClickDesk is built on the Google App Engine, you can answer chats with Google Talk if you are on mobile data so that you will never miss an opportunity to speak with your clients.
  • Round the Clock Support - If you care about your customers, so does ClickDesk and provides the same service to you as you do to your customers.
  • SSL Secured - Use the same security that banks employ with advanced 128 bit SSL encryption.You do not have to worry about the security of your conversations and the information that goes along with it.
  • Web Conference - Show customers you care by adding team members in a live conference when the need arises. This way, customers will know that you are exhausting all your efforts to provide quality service. ClickDesk is one of few platforms that has a Web Conference feature.
  • Advanced Reports - Get detailed information with real-time reports, graphs and analytics to scale your support and improve customer satisfaction. Remember, satisfied customers, promote your business.
  • Click-to-Translate - For global customer support, ClickDesk comes with a translate function based on Google Translate. This way, you can provide support to virtually anyone.
  • Keystroke Preview - This alerts the person on the other side of the chat to get an alert once you start typing a message
  • Proactive Chats - Personalize your messages more based on location, URL and more with automated welcome messages.


There are currently three pricing plans all of which offer video and voice support via your website. Customers can access it using their browser without installing any software. Here are the pricing plans depending on the features that you want to be included. These prices are monthly rates and will go down if you agree to pay the annual rates.

Free for 10 users $14.99 $24.99 $39.99
30 Chats Unlimited Chats Chat Conferencing Queuing
Handle 25 tickets Widget Customization CRM Integration and API White Label
Audio calling Chat Transfer & Groups Video Chat Unlimited Domains
Localization of chat widget 99.5% Uptime & SSL Security Post Chat Survey Widget Custom CSS
Customize basic settings Reports and History Analytics
99.95 % Uptime & SSL Security Dedicated Account Manager


  • Not just live chat but multi channel support as well
  • Impressive chat window appearance that you can personalize
  • Robust analytics to help you improve productivity and quality of service
  • Compatibility all platforms and devices on both ends
  • Comprehensive software that offers more than just live chat tool features


  • The knowledge base and support tools need improvement

Providing excellent customer service is one of the best marketing tools that you can employ. There are no better product endorsers than happy customers that are already loyal to your brand. To boost your customer service, try ClickDesk and increase your sales and conversions further.

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