BulkWhoisFinder: Can Extracting WHOIS Emails Really Be Easy and Accurate?

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Email addresses are the heart and soul of lead generation efforts. Being able to acquire as many quality leads as you can on a daily basis is necessary if you want to grow your business in no time. BulkWhoisFinder is an easy to use application that can help you harvest long lists of email addresses.

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Bulk Whois Finder Review

Whatever your online business is, you need qualified leads to make effective sales. Lead generation lets you spread your message across a wide audience creating brand awareness and higher demand for your product or service.

Importance of Lead Generation

There are various lead generation strategies, and most of them are passive in nature such as landing page conversion, information capture and the use of lead magnets. With these techniques, you rely on potential leads to give out their information. Yes, they are effective in their own respect, but there are other more efficient ways.

In lead generation, the most coveted piece of information is the visitor’s email address. If that’s the case, then why not opt for a process that would let you harvest email addresses in bulk on a daily basis?

When we say email harvesting, most people would think about spam. Typically, spammers just trade off lists with other spammers. Some common methods of harvesting emails use harvesting bots, directory harvest attacks, and access to public data.

These processes, however, simply acquire lists without much consideration to the value of each lead. But what if you can take your pick of potential leads and harvest their emails?

There is another way to acquire email address, and that is what BulkWhoisFinder is for.

What is BulkWhoisFinder?

BulkWhoisFinder is a Windows application created to help business owners or marketers harvest leads in a massive scale by using the WHOIS search. For those who are not yet aware, a WHOIS search will provide information about a domain name. The information generated may include ownership details, registration date, expiration date, nameservers, and email addresses of owners.

You may be wondering why you would pay for software that does something that you can do yourself. While it is true that you can conduct your own WHOIS search, imagine doing it one by one with 100 domain names. You would be wasting precious hours doing a task that is repetitive in nature. What about 1000 domain names? It would take you more than a day to harvest emails.

screenshot of bulk whois finder

With BulkWhoisFinder, just copy your list, paste it, use the lookup function and wait for the results. What you will have to manually do for countless hours can be done in a few seconds. The best part is you can export the data in Excel format for easier management.

This product is different from what spammers typically use because the leads that can be generated are more inclined to the brand or product.

Who Should use BulkWhoisFinder

BulkWhoisFinder was developed to help business owners, Internet marketers and everyone else looking to generate leads for their business needs. The only thing you need to do is create a list of domain names that you want information. Imagine acquiring hundreds or even thousands of leads on a daily basis without breaking a sweat. Plus, the leads that you will be getting does not necessarily have to be random. You can acquire domain names which have something to do with your business.

bulk whois finder benefits


There may be similar applications on the web right now, but BulkWhoisFinder, in a nutshell, is a very user-friendly application that can get the job done in the least amount of time. Here are some features that really come in handy with this software:

Covers all types of domains – While other similar applications work only with TLDs or Top Level Domains like .com, .org, .net, etc., this software works with geographical and international domains like .au, .nz, .sg, etc.

Extraction of useful information – You will not only get email addresses of your target list but other pieces of information as well like phone numbers, company names, company addresses, fax numbers, registration dates, domain expiry dates and whatever data is available.

Quick search – As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can search several hundred domains in just a minute.

Filter search – If you do not need all of the information that gets extracted, you can filter some out and only display whatever contact types you will be needing.

Expanded log – You will get an expanded view during the search process that shows all the extracted information from your domain list. The information harvested is arranged in a table with each contact type placed in separate columns for easy organization.

Export features – The data you gathered will be useless without an export feature. You can export your search results in excel, word, pdf and CSV format. You can also choose which contacts you want to export.

How many WHOIS Records can be Harvested in a Day?

You can search as many WHOIS information as you want in a day. It doesn’t matter whether you have a list of 100 or 1000 domain names. The software will work and will deliver the information that you need in no time at all.

Benefits of Using BulkWhoisFinder

Grow your business by finally getting bulk leads on a daily basis without waiting passively for visitors to sign up and subscribe to whatever lead generation strategies you may be rolling out. Using BulkWhoisFinder lets you:

  • Get in touch with domain owners immediately using their direct contact information
  • Use it on an unlimited basis and get thousands of domains on a daily basis
  • Grow your business with a $58 investment which is the lowest in the market
  • Get your data, export it, and create a file that you can use anytime
  • Get answers to your questions from an awesome customer support team

Pricing Point


There are two versions that can be downloaded, Free and Pro. The main difference between the free and Pro versions are:

1.) Free version does not support the export feature

2.) Search speed is faster with the Pro Version.

3.) Pro customers get quick and efficient customer service.

In reality, the free version is meant for those who just want to try it out and see if the program is really useful. The original price of the Pro version is $58/year.


  • Can export lists to various formats
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Helpful customer support team
  • Do unlimited searches everyday


  • Does not support GoDaddy domains

Get all the leads and email addresses that you need to grow your business. BulkWhoisFinder is very affordable at a very low-fee of $58/year.

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