Buildfire: Creating Apps and Recurring Revenue Streams For The Average Joe

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There will come a time for an entrepreneur to sit back and realize that they need an app for their business. And for some, a time to realize that they need some other gig to earn some extra money. The only solution both problems would need is BuildFire. It is a platform that not only provides for them a solution, but also saves them money and time to get there.

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Over a hundred thousand businesses and organizations have signed up for BuildFire, and many have complimented it on it's ease of use and great customer service. It's feature- rich, integrated with lots of familiar apps, and offers BuildFire University, a place for you to learn more about how to use the platform and get the most out of it.

Whether you wanna resell an app or make one for yourself, BuildFire is one of the easiest platforms you can choose to meet your goals and meet them fast. In fact, the company claims that you can create your own app within minutes, and in three easy steps.

Step 1: Choose A Template

BuildFire offers a wide range of templates that suit any type of business. Once you click, Create My App for Free! you get redirected to a place for you to choose from. Click through the categories and available templates and check how it looks through the emulator found on the right side of the screen. The template on the emulator can be explored and messed around with as it's interactive; a neat feature to help you choose better.

Buildfire - Build Your App

Step 2: Build Your App in Minutes

Before you can totally get started, BuildFire asks you to enter the type of industry you have to give you better tips and information. On their Control Panel, it's easy to figure out how to make changes and how good it would look with the emulator that changes in real time as you edit. You can start with your branding and home plugin with the Appearance menu. These menu options are the first things your users see when they open your app. You can edit your name, app icon, and colors with a click of a button.

You can add different plugins from their list to fit your needs and then drag and drop to move them around. You can also add photos and store it in their Media Library. Having them stored in your library is a great way to save time from continuously having to upload the photos you need over and over again.

Making more changes to your app is very easy. Click through the tabs and menu options to see the numerous features BuildFire offers to help your app reach its full potential. And once you're all set, it's time for the final step:

Buildfire - Integrations


Step 3: Publish and Manage

BuildFire makes your app suitable for iOS, Android, and HTML5 mobile websites. Once it's published, you can still make changes to and manage your app on the platform. When you have updates, you won't get charged as most subscription plans cover resubmissions. After selecting Publish, you'll find your app available for Android in a few days and about a week for iOS. Although, the review process is completely off BuildFire's hands.

Buildfire - Custom PluginsFeatures

  • BuildFire's platform gives you tons of features to work with, but it also has a development program for you to make more changes or call in your development team.
  • You can also add in content from your other social channels like Youtube, Vimeo, RSS Feeds, and many others.
  • Create an app for your Shopify store.
  • Use OpenTable to add reservations for your restaurant app.
  • Build points based loyalty system to keep customers loyal.
  • Use SMARTPush to send Push Notifications to specific groups.
  • Update your apps without the need to resubmit with SMARTSync.
  • White Label and Reselling


It's free to sign up for and start building. You can upgrade to a paid subscription once you're ready to publish. The more features you have, the more you'll have to spend for your plan. If you have a bigger business that needs more features, you can contact them for an Enterprise package. You should also contact them if you're interested in becoming a white label reseller.


  • Simple app builder
  • Real time Emulator
  • Content syncing
  • Numerous integrations
  • In-app browser


  • Limited e-commerce integrations
  • Customer service isn't available 24/7

Give BuildFire a try and create your app just the way you want it in three easy steps.

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