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There are a lot of internet marketing gurus out there selling their products by masking them as effective marketing programs. I have spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars but to no avail. That was before I learned about Bring The Fresh. It offers a totally new atmosphere in the world of online marketing.

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Since the dawn of the internet age, many people have tried out various ways to make money online. If you are reading this, you've also probably researched and tried out different online money making schemes and programs and have yet to find a course that you're confident will make you real money or possibly even make you rich.

However, the number one mistake that most people make is that they easily give up instead of staying vigilant and consistent. The key to making real money online is consistency and persistency, especially during the early stages of the business. Just like taking care of a baby, you should spend more time and effort taking care of your business while it is still in the process of growth.

Now keep in mind, you will definitely encounter a lot of self-help training videos, crash courses on how to get rich, one on one sessions with self-proclaimed gurus and others that claim will let you in on their secret to getting wealthy using their special online programs. I'm sure you've heard it all and you know that most of them don't offer any real solutions.

This is where Bring The Fresh steps in. This program brings something new to the table. Designed by Kelly Felix, Bring the Fresh system is perfect for those who wants to make some serious money. He aims to teach you how to master internet marketing and earn real money from it.

Bring the Fresh Kelly Felix

Bring The Fresh offers a unique system that will help you make money that is different from what you typically see online. I barely got out of high school and did not even dare attempt to go to college. Working menial jobs for 8 years, I decided to give online marketing a try. However, it took me a very long time to even make $100 per month. Despite it all, I still believed that I will eventually make it big with online marketing, I wanted to make it big. Through intensive research, I eventually found Kelly Felix's system called Bring the Fresh and after 6 months of using his program I can attest to the fact that his program definitely works.


Because of the recent success I've had using the Bring the Fresh program, I wanted to share it with you guys as well, so you know what you'd expect from the unique system that they are offering. And with more than 20,000 members and counting in just a matter of 5 years, it just goes to show how effective and successful their system really is.

Bring the Fresh 5 years

Besides teaching you how to build a WordPress based affiliate site, Bring The Fresh also teaches what you need to do with it to gain more traffic and earn money from affiliate programs.

One of the best things about Bring The Fresh is that the members help each other out. Even Kelly, the creator of this program is online everyday. He wants to make sure that everyone understands his program and that he gets to answer any questions that you have for him.

You can learn from the success stories of people and check out how they did it so you can try out their highly effective strategies.

Bring The Fresh by far has been the only membership program that I purchased which actually worked. Through this training program, you will be able to research, build, monetize, and market a network of sites that drive heavy traffic with high conversion rates.

You do not need any technical background like programming skills to understand how Bring The Fresh works. It is designed to be a very user-friendly, easy step by step course for individuals who want to see actual results.

Once you sign up, you will get access to videos that will give you specific instructions on how to build your affiliate website in less than an hour.

Aside from the video series on affiliate site building, you will also get access to training videos that shows you the tools and resources on how you can continue and improve your affiliate marketing skills. If you want to move up to the next level, you can watch videos of highly successful people and do exactly what they did.

What I like the most is the Bring The Press forum where I meet many active like-minded members just like me. It's the fastest way to get answers from unusual concerns. You can see people pitching in ideas and sharing their advice from their own experiences to help you with your own problems and struggles you're encountering.


Bring the Fresh Road Map - Lets you know what the different sections of Bring The Press area are. The roadmap also tells the member which steps to take and the right sequence on how to take them.
Fast Start Guide - Is a guide for market research, site building, site structuring, adding content, monetizing the site and building backlinks for better traffic.
Fast Start Videos - This is basically the same as fast start guide and the only difference is everything is in video format.
Recommended Tools - Here Kelly talks about the tools and services that he is using for building his BTF websites. The services mentioned here are WordPress themes, hosting services, backlink building and many more
Member Forum - This is a place where you can chat, associate with other Bring The Fresh members where you can ask questions, answer questions or share your best practices.

Both newcomers in the world of online marketing and online marketing veterans can benefit from this program. Bring the Fresh offers a unique program that is a sure fire way for you to make a signiifcant amount of money.

You will encounter a lot of successful people in Bring The Fresh and all of them choose to stay because this program always offer something new for them to learn and in return the members also help out new members who choose to join this program.

Bring the Fresh 20,000 members


Bring the Fresh is beneficial to people who:

  • have a lot of spare time at home and want to make money on the side
  • is a single parent trying to find something to supplement their monthly salary
  • college student who want to make money to pay off student loans
  • who tried a lot of various strategies to make money online but remain unsuccessful
  • who want to quit their 9 to 5 and start making money online

Bring the Fresh is a direct, no fuss, easy to follow guide that teaches you how to earn real money for those who are definitely willing to learn.

The site is full of videos and tutorials that will guide you each step of the way as you build your affiliate sites and increase your network.

Driving traffic has never been easy as the videos available have turned me into a professional marketer after spending almost a decade with other training programs.

Bring the Fresh is definitely affordable in comparison to other online programs I've tried out and tested myself.

Driving traffic is one thing, converting is another. You need not worry about wasted traffic as Kelly will teach you how to expertly monetize your traffic.

Bring the Fresh is a perfect program for those who want to be their own boss.


Bring the Fresh Price

For the value that this program brings, Bring the Fresh only costs $7 for the first seven days and then $47 every month moving forward. The price is definitely affordable compared to other platforms. But get this, if you join now, you can take advantage of their 60-day risk-free offer. A great bargain from a system where you'll be sure to get real results.


  • Easy to follow PDF on how to build a WordPress based affiliate website
  • Learn a lot from tons of video training
  • Relatively low monthly cost
  • Share best practices from the members forum


  • Sometime, answers to support questions take some time

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