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Every online business owner seeks to get the top place in search engine results pages. The most effective tool to rank high is still SEO. What then is the best way to boost your ranking? The answer is through a private blog network. The best way to do this is by employing a PBN builder like SiteWyz.

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SEO for many online business owners is a daunting task. Especially with search engine algorithms constantly changing, you need a solution than can keep your site in top shape. To improve your SEO and maintain a good position in search engine result pages, you need quality backlinks and the best way to do this is through a Private Blog Network.

It’s not easy building a PBN from scratch. Imagine building 50 sites with more than 100 posts each and each site hosted on a different server. You also have to do other tasks like:

  • Optimize each blog’s performance and loading speed
  • Configure security to get maximum protection from hackers
  • Setup and manage themes and plugins
  • Monitor metrics individually
  • Perform regular backups

Even if you can do all of these routinely every day, you won’t have any time left to manage your online business.

Another challenge in building a PBN is how to make the sites real. Any sign of it being artificial will have a negative effect on your organic ranking. Yes, Google’s algorithms are getting smarter and smarter that even the smallest hint of the existence of a PBN can cause the downfall of your main site.

This is where SiteWyz comes in. You do not have to worry about the amount of work and time required to set everything up. You can build your own natural looking sites in no time.

What is SiteWyz?

SiteWyz is a site building and hosting solution for your PBN which has a built-in content management system. It is the best tool to build, host and manages a blog network that will serve your main site’s ranking needs. As mentioned earlier in this article, your PBN should not look like a PBN because rather than helping you, it could impact your main site negatively in terms of rankings.

With SiteWyz you can build and manage your sites in one place.

  • Host your sites on over 60 servers from multiple providers to prevent Google from noticing that your sites are related to each other
  • Block unwanted bots and crawlers from scanning your sites
  • Enjoy the features of WordPress without the usual costs
  • Choose from a growing list of themes to make your sites unique from one another
  • Similar functionalities to CMS like WordPress, Joomla and HTML site.
  • Deployment on remote hosting is as easy as one click
  • You get full control over your links, content, anchor text and site appearance

The Right way to Build a PBN

Before discussing the features of SiteWyz, let’s look at some key points on how your PBN should be built

  1. Different hosting –Each of your sites or blogs should be hosted on a different Subnet IP address. Your sites should not appear under the same location.
  2. Natural link profile – Your links should not be site-wide, meaning those that appear on every page of the site. Maintain only contextual links. Furthermore, do not interlink your sites to each other.
  3. Unique content – Each site should have unique content. Refrain from using poorly spun content.
  4. Outgoing links – Aside from your main site, add other outbound links to authority sites like YouTube and Wiki. This will give your network a more natural look.

What are the Features of SiteWyz

Using SiteWyz is like having your own intelligent virtual assistant which only costs $29 to $179 a month. Not bad right? Here is what you get with this PBN management tool

Site Customization – You can add social share buttons, use the built-in terms of service and privacy policy generator, let visitors send you messages by adding a smart contact form and add short codes for Google maps and other apps.

Network Organization – Group your sites in networks and view your network summary and stats. You can also check which among your sites are already indexed.

Create sites in minutes – Creating new sites is fairly simple and easy with the site builder. All you have to do is select a theme, customize your category pages, create pages and add posts, use short codes for privacy policy and terms of service, Google maps and contact form, and customize SEO settings.

Uptime Monitoring – Check your uptime stats and monitor your load speed and broken internal links. You can check everything by looking at graphs.

SEO – Get weekly updates on your major metrics, daily alerts on indexing and metrics changes, and hourly reports on DNS and online status. Your reports will be coming from Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs and Alexa. You can also view your anchor's distribution and backlinks breakdown

Instant Deployment – Deploy sites instantly and on different servers across the globe.

Monetization – You can do some lead capturing and monetize your PBN aside from its main purpose of ranking your main site.

Full Integration with RankWyz – This includes posting content, uptime monitoring, and authority metrics monitoring

Help and Support –There is an FAQ page as well as a knowledge base page to answer almost all of your questions. You can also send a message to the feedback and support team via the help and support widget on the home page.

Who Should use SiteWyz?

Whether you are managing an affiliate site, blog, e-commerce store, SaaS website, information product site or any other online business, you need to rank to survive. And you will only be able to rank and maintain a high rank if your SEO campaign is boosted by an effective PBN.

Hosting Providers

It is important to distribute your sites in separate hosting providers because if Google detects any relationship among your sites, your ranking may get affected. Here are some of the top hosting providers that SiteWyz uses:

  • HostGator
  • Amazon Web Services
  • HP Cloud
  • Digital Ocean
  • BlueHost
  • HostNine
  • CloudFlare
  • HostPapa
  • RackSpace

Benefits of Using SiteWyz

A PBN is a powerful SEO strategy because you have control over the content that you want to post and the links directed to your main site. This means you can create content that relates specifically to your niche. What’s more important is that you have the power to create and alter the anchor text in these links. For those who do not know, an anchor text is a text that shows as the hyperlink or simply the text that users click to go to your main site.

You can focus on growing your business because SiteWyz will do everything else for you. You do not have to worry about:

  • Updating plugins
  • Security issues and theft
  • Optimizing your sites’ performance
  • Downtime and slow loading speeds
  • Tweaking on-page SEO
  • Managing data backups

One of the best benefits of building a PBN through SiteWyz is being able to get long lasting results at affordable prices. Once your sites are built, maintenance is easy. You can even see positive results in a little over a month. When it comes to monthly costs, SiteWyz offers the most affordable packages in the market.

Pricing Point

There are currently four packages to choose from, depending mainly on the number of sites that you want to put up.

Here are some other features that are standard in all packages

Sites and Hosting

  • Instant Deployment to 60+ servers
  • IP Distribution - 45 unique A/B blocks

Site Content

  • Posts and Pages
  • Custom Themes
  • Shortcodes
  • Automatically Localized Images
  • Advanced SEO Settings
  • Links Search and Replace
  • Missing Pages Redirect

Site Monitoring

  • Metrics Monitoring weekly
  • Index Monitoring daily
  • Uptime Monitoring 5 mins
  • Email Alerts daily

RankWyz Integration

  • Content Posting and Scheduling
  • Automatic Backlinking
  • Rank Tracker


  • Affordable packages
  • Over 60 unique hosting providers
  • You can monitor your site's performance as frequent as you want
  • Sites can be created in just minutes
  • Integration with RankWyz is possible


  • No prorated plan changes

If you want to build a PBN in no time and see results on your SEO improvement, then go visit the Sitewyz website to learn more about their service.

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