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The dawn of social media marketing has brought a lot of opportunities for owners to grow and expand their business. While there are several platforms for social media marketing, a mindful entrepreneur will make sure to cover all of these areas. Video promotions are effective at connecting your brand to your audience.

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Social Media Marketing

There is no denying that social media marketing is an essential tool for businesses. Without an online presence, your brand loses a competitive edge.

Think of Facebook and its 1.44 billion monthly active users. The average time these active users spend on Facebook on a daily basis is over 20 minutes. While this is the global average, U.S. consumers spend about 40 minutes a day.

YouTube is almost as popular as Facebook with over 1 billion users. According to the press page of the website, people every day watch hundreds of millions of hours which generate millions of views. Half of these views are done on mobile devices.

What is common between Facebook and YouTube? Yes, you guessed it right, videos. Everyday people spend time watching trending videos, shared videos, posted videos, promotional videos, etc.

Impact on Business

Your business needs social media marketing. Mine did. But I did not focus on video marketing at first though. I grew up in a generation where the TV commercial was the most popular platform for advertisement. Because of this, I had the impression that marketing through a video entails a lot of cash.

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I focused my attention on blogs, Facebook, and generating traffic through them. I opened my online shop and made lots of FB fan pages.

My friends told me I needed to promote my apparel shop through videos. I did not care much about videos during that time though.

Plus, I did not know how to produce one, let alone write a script. I had no editing skills, nor had any idea on how to add effects.

The Importance of Video Marketing

ReelSEO, a video marketing organization conducted a study and discovered that 93% of marketers use videos in their campaigns. Based on what marketers think, or the 600 individuals that ReelSEO surveyed, video marketing works.

According to the survey, people retain more with shorter videos. Videos under 1 minute are at 80% retention while those that extend to 5-10 minutes see over 50% retention only.

In an article from, research shows that 60% of visitors prefer watching videos rather than reading a text.

Online Publishers Association, on the other hand, observed that 80% of visitors recall a video ad that they haves seen in a 30 day period. These visitors seek more about the product, and about 12% of the visitors are converted to buyers.

Videos are easier to understand and require less effort to digest. Also, people can multitask as opposed to focusing on written text.

More is achieved with less time as tons of info can be crammed in a minute long video that would otherwise take longer for most to read when transcribed.

When I learned about these things, I understood that I needed to use promotional videos for my brand. I had real challenges, and someone inexperienced in video production will think of only one thing – videos cost money.

I knew that somewhere online, I will find an all in one solution. As I browsed through, I came across Easy Web Video Generator.

What is Easy Web Video Generator?

Are you one of those who still come up with excuses on not making promotional videos? Either you have no idea what to say, you do not know how to make a video, you think you should just leave it to the pros and hence would cost more than the business it would generate – these are all valid reasons, as long as these reasons still hinder you.

As I mentioned, I had the very same reasons for procrastinating my brand’s promotional video until I found out what Easy Web Video Generator does.

The Easy Web Video Generator provides a solution for all of the reasons mentioned. It is a web-based video player, marketing tool and video recorder/editor all in one. It has everything you need to produce hip, attractive and cool marketing videos. In a very competitive market, videos should at the very least be engaging.

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Power-boost your online campaign with professional looking videos that look like they came from post production and editing studios. Sleek imagery and special effects are just two of the overall features that you can use to raise the aesthetic value of your video.

With the ready to use templates, you are sure to have an easy time producing videos, and with scripts included, you do not have to think of what to say. You just don’t forget to personalize them a bit to fit your brand.

Professional looking videos raise the value of your brand. With this software, you can produce promotional videos that may even look better than B-movies.

Viewer engagement is assured with professionally looking videos. Increased viewer engagement means increased visibility and traffic which in turn means higher conversion rates.

This is the first video creation tool that lets you create round videos. So what if they are round? Studies show we humans are naturally attracted to round objects. There is something with round objects that we associate pleasure with.

Who can benefit from Easy Web Generator?

Social media marketing is very important especially for small and medium-sized businesses. With videos playing a significant part in marketing, business owners small and medium alike can benefit a lot from this inexpensive software. Without the financial capacity to fund high budget commercial videos, businesses will get their money’s worth with Easy Web Video Generator.

What do You Get?

There are 63 templates to choose from including video designs and scripts. You do not have to be a fancy video editor nor a commercial scriptwriter.

In about 7 minutes, you can finish your first video with the step by step guide included in the package. The intuitive app interface lets you produce videos easily. In case you still find things difficult, there is a help desk that provides support.

Move Forward

It is perfectly understandable why you did not invest in promotional videos at first. It took me a while to jump in because of my personal limitations. Yes, there are a lot of challenges, and mainly, business owners have very little time which is an element the video production requires.

Now that there is a solution, there is no longer a reason to procrastinate. Other businesses are staying ahead of the game and so should you.

Do not get stuck with the technical questions. It is 100% money-back guaranteed that you do not need any technical know-how in video production. Simply put, it is a no-brainer.




Templates – As mentioned, there are over 63 templates that include script outlines.

Images – No need to look for stock photos in Google. You have access to hundreds of images, and all you need to do is click the mouse.

Speed – Create your videos easily and hassle free. Tutorials are easy to follow, and templates are user-friendly which is why making a video will not require you to bring out the inner geek. No need for a user manual as well.

Professional Looking – With the templates, images, and step by step tutorials, you can produce professional-looking videos that give your brand an edge over the others.

It’s All You – No need to waste countless hours in post-production editing or hire professionals to produce your videos. All you need is this app.

Web Based – This app is web based and does not need to be installed on your computer. You can access it anywhere at your own time.

Aside from the awesome features mentioned above, part of the package is a tutorial by Nathan Hague on how to generate traffic in your videos. Acquaint yourself with the next level of YouTube marketing and unlock the secrets that Nathan has in stored for you.

Pricing and Plans

Right now, you can get EasyWebVideo for a one time price of $27. There are more plans that offer you a monthly and yearly payment scheme, as well as an outsourcing plan.


  • Super simple, easy to use, no user manual needed
  • Reasonably low prices for a tool that will add value to your brand
  • Professional looking videos that look like they came off a production studio
  • No technical know-how required
  • All in one video player, editor, and recorder


  • Limited templates

If you are a small or medium sized business owner who wants to have an edge over the competition, start making your promotional videos. Click here and start producing professional looking promotional videos.


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