BaseCamp: The Project Management Software That Organizes Chaos

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Have you ever been caught up in a project and you are having trouble moving forward because of all the chaos that have come about? Every talented manager has a way of organizing chaotic situations and keeping his or her team's heads above the water. These managers use tools to keep them organized and updated. You to can do this by using Basecamp.

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In every business or organization, chaos is inevitable as Murphy's Law states. Good management can be tested by how it reacts in the midst of all the chaos and disorganization. One of the biggest challenges in management is keeping everyone aligned and on the same page while keeping track of all tasks and numbers.

Good thing there is a project management software like Basecamp. It keeps people on the same page working towards a common goal which is the fulfillment of a project. Everyone has his or her roles, and no matter what the individual functions are, Basecamp keeps everyone aligned.


Simply put, Basecamp gets projects done. A lot of companies whether big or small in a span of over ten years has relied on Basecamp to help them get projects done on time, within budget, and within goals.

Every week, thousands of companies enlist the services of Basecamp and why not? Aside from its premium features, it also provides top-notch customer service to all of its subscribers. Basecamp is not just rich in helpful features but is rich in support as well.


If you are worried about the platforms that you are using, Basecamp is completely compatible with browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE 9+. It also integrates seamlessly with email. There are also official apps available for Android, iOS, and Windows. With compatibility like this, you are sure that your whole team is connected and in sync with everyone else no matter what device they are using.

No Need For IT Department

If you fear that there are a lot of technical aspects to running Basecamp, then you are mistaken. In fact, it eliminates the need for a dedicated IT team. Running on secure cloud servers, you do not have to dip your feet in the water with technical concerns. Let Basecamp do that. With a guarantee of 99.992% uptime, you can rely on rock solid performance. All you need for each member of your team to have is a web browser or a smartphone, and you are good to go.

How Can I learn Basecamp?

Basecamp offers a weekly "Be a Basecamp Pro in 30 minutes" webinar with live question and answer portion. Full class schedules are regularly announced, and all newbies are invited to maximize the potential of their Basecamp tools.

Once you already have an account, an awesome support team is assigned everyday to help you with your inquiries and other needs. There is an FAQ section for basic questions and quick inquiries, you can send them via Twitter. For issues that need advanced help, there is a support ticketing system to ensure that help is always on that way and is documented.


When it comes to big names, one of Basecamp's more popular clients is Keen Footwear which is a shoe manufacturing company based in Portland, Oregon.

Almost all business types use Basecamp from freelancers to small businesses, to mid-level companies, and even up to multinationals and huge corporations. Basecamp is project management tool of choice for thousands of organizations across the globe.


Basecamp - Project ManagementEmail Summaries

When you are swamped with projects and activities, you will definitely receive tons of emails from Basecamp. Sometimes, it will come to the point that you will feel you are receiving spam with all of the Basecamp emails that you are receiving.

Because of this common issue with big projects, Basecamp made a way to change your "Email Frequency."

With email summaries, instead of receiving separate email notifications, you can set it up to receive one summary every three hours or so. This way, you will no longer get 10 or 20 separate emails but receive a detailed summary.

Find Posts by Filtering

When your Basecamp projects have piled up, digging for old files, text documents or discussions can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Especially at times when you are looking for someone else's post, it is difficult to remember what the name of the post or file is. Good thing Basecamp recognizes this problem by letting you search by keyword.

You can now check at Basecamp's All Discussions page and use the filter option to list down posts by the keyword that you have chosen.

Basecamp - Basecamp Reports

Time Warp Feature

The Catch-Up page is an effective way to keep you updated with the recent events that happened in your project. However, this is not the only situation wherein you need to catch up.

If you were invited to a project that has already started and is halfway through, it is difficult to keep track of things or even be on the same page with everyone. There are times when you need to go back and review certain events at the beginning of the project when you were not yet a part of it. With the Time Warp feature, you can work your way forward from day one up to the present day.

Multiple Download - Zip Archive

There are times when someone posts bulk files like photos, sketches, documents and many other file types that are needed for a project. It takes a time to download them for whatever purpose you may intend to.

Now, you can save time by grabbing all of them through a zip download like how you download multiple files in Gmail. It only takes a second once you click the link to make a zip archive that will be downloaded to your computer.

Create Templates for Existing Projects

Avoid repetition and save time by creating Project Templates that you can use over and over for the similar projects.

With Basecamp, you can skip tedious manual work by being able to create new templates based on the projects that you have. No need to start from scratch as long as you have a template which helps in productivity and efficiency

Rename Files

When there are files inside a comment that you need for people to easily identify for communication purposes, what you can do is rename them. This way, it is easier for your team to relate as well as choose in case you want to vote on something.

Let's admit it, sometimes when people upload or post files, they disregard the importance of the filenames. With the rename function, you can tweak post titles and names for easier team communication.

Gmail "View on Basecamp" Button

Gmail users will greatly appreciate the "View on Basecamp" button that has been added to the Gmail Inbox.

Whenever you receive a Basecamp notification email, you will see a "View on Basecamp" button at the right part of the subject line which when clicked will take you directly to the discussion in Basecamp. No need to open the email anymore to click in email links or buttons.

Archive Discussions

Basecamp - Archive Discussion

As a Basecamp project progresses, discussions pile up and accumulate. Not all of these discussions remain relevant, and some just take up space. In information handling, unused information needs to be stored in archives. Since they are not relevant at the moment, it would be wise to store them somewhere for future reference. Basecamp allows archiving of discussions for this purpose.


Basecamp offers simple pricing plans depending on the storage space that you need and the number of projects that you are handling. Click here for more details



  • Very affordable rates and flexible plans
  • Does not require much support for use
  • Helpful webinars, especially the question and answer portion
  • Helpful FAQ section
  • Compatibility with all platforms and devices allows ease of use for a team


  • There are times when support response is slow

If you want to organize a chaotic situation or totally prevent it from happening, then a project management software like Basecamp is a good start for your business. Click here to check out more of the product

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