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A while back, no one would have considered the impact of Facebook on businesses. Nowadays, Facebook marketing has become an essential part of marketing and the challenge is being able to maintain pages which require both time and effort. A fan page requires fresh new content on a daily basis because in the world of social media, you are only as relevant as your latest post.

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Several years ago, the thought of putting up a Facebook page for your business would not have made much sense. What would a business have to do with social media? I asked myself this question a while back. While it is true that members are on Facebook to socialize, is it not true as well that social interactions build relationships that are beneficial to your business?

Electronic Word of Mouth

According to the WOMMA (Word of Mouth Association), word of mouth marketing is the most valuable form of marketing as consumers give more value to recommendations from family members, friends, and colleagues over other forms of advertising.

Imagine you are looking at two smartphones and both have almost the same specifications. Both manufacturers say the same thing about their product. Who would you consult on which phone to buy? The most obvious answer is those whom you know and trust. Because of the nature of Facebook and the like, social media platforms provide an avenue for this type of marketing which businesses dubbed as Electronic Word of Mouth Marketing.

Facebook Above all Else

Among social media sites, Facebook remains on top. Friends, family members, fans, business, and literally anyone who wants to connect with everyone else log on to Facebook.

Indeed the king of all social media sites is now considered a gold mine for businesses. Here, businesses can interact with existing customers and can convert visitors into buyers. Ad campaign monetization is a great way to earn additional income.

Over a billion people connect to Facebook on a daily basis. When I realized this, I gave some thought on the potential this social media site has for letting my business grow because I do not have to look for customers anymore. All the leads I needed are right there, socializing with everyone else.

Advantage of the Facebook Fanpage

Outpost – A Facebook page is an additional marketing arm on the web. With a fan page, your business is advertised not just locally but to the whole world. Customers, employees, vendors, the media – they are all on Facebook and having visibility lets them see and find information about your company.

Traffic Generation – You can link your business’ website to your Fan Page. Facebook serves as a bridge between visitors and your main website. More clicks, more traffic, better visibility.

Favorable Search Engine Results – Facebook improves your SEO as Google and other search engines index content created on social media sites. Yes, your fan page increases your brand and website’s rank in search engine results.

Community Engagement – Share photos, post videos, ask and answer questions, advertise promotions, link contests, and do a lot more engagement activities on your page. With the current trends in business and the way consumers think, it is important that consumers are able to feel a personal connection with your brand. Community engagement lets you connect with your consumers on a more personal level.

Direct Contact with Everyone – You can send messages and communicate directly with everyone. Sending group messages is also neat especially with filters such as location, gender, and age range. With the Events App, you can invite locally or basically everyone on your page. Furthermore, direct contact allows you to listen to everyone, and by spending the time, you may find their feedback of great value.

People Market for You – Just like in any social media platform, there are those who are more popular and influential than others. Tapping into other Fan Pages and even popular members can boost your visibility and generate more traffic for you. Furthermore, it adds value to your brand.

Competition – Your competition may or may not have a Facebook Fan Page yet. If no one else has done it then why not be a trailblazer and stay ahead of your competitors. If someone else beat you to it, then do not lose out and make sure you keep up with what your competitors have.

Access to Facebook Insights – Facebook Insights(Business Page) gives you access to loads of data. Thousands of rows and columns of valuable information about what your customers like or dislike, their demographics, and their online habits are at the palm of your hands. This tool also shows how frequently a piece of content is viewed or shared. You can track the overall performance of your page and user growth for free. You can only manage what you can measure, and with Facebook Insights you do not need to manage based on gut feel.

Tabs and Contests – Underneath the cover photo is the tab area where you can link your apps and run contests, Through apps, you can show customer more about your business. According to Sandler's Rules, when selling a product, share a story. Share your story more through apps and videos that you can put on these tabs.

The Value of a Fan Page

Now that we have established the value of putting up a Facebook Fan Page we must understand who benefits from it. As a business owner with several online shops and brands, it is essential for me to manage several pages.

There are others who benefit as well. Facebook marketers manage pages for profit through monetization of ad campaigns and commissions from clients. Whether these pages are about sports, music, arts, there is money where there is traffic. And there is traffic as long as you use the right tools and the right plan.

Creating a page alone and coming up with posts like that of a typical page will not amount to much difference. Mediocrity should take no part any type of business.

The Reality of Having a Fan Page

People spend time on Facebook. There those who are even addicted to it. Your market is there; you just need to maximize its potential. You need to properly use your page to channel this potential. Your presence and the impact that your page brings show your customers that you are genuine and that your brand finds value in interacting and engaging with the community. People will trust you more if you interact with them. The trust that you build with people will, in turn, encourage sales.

You need to put a premium on managing your page. It takes time and effort to make sure your page will have a positive effect on your business. But just like most business owners, you may be stretched for time. You need a tool to help manage your page and guide you on how to make it effective. OneSoci is the premiere all in one solution that will help you optimize your FB pages.

What is OneSoci?

OneSoci is an all in one solution that allows you to automate your Facebook pages, content and designs. With this solution, you can plan posts, find content, design posts, use FB Ads, manage cover photos and much more all within a few clicks.

Content Finder – Content is essential for the Google page rankings. Quality content is your friend regarding SEO. With content finder, you can find quality content without wasting half of your business day.



Monetization – Earn more revenue. This is your goal as well as mine. OneSoci has a revolutionary solution on how to optimize the monetization of your FB campaigns. The Robot Poster, on the other hand, automates content monetization for you.

Image Editor and Cover Photo Designer – Aesthetics entice more people. What if you have more than one brand and more than one page? Designing pages and adding graphics will consume your whole business day. With the drag and drop function, you can easily design attractive and stunning graphic posts, and create outstanding cover images.



Campaigns – With the Ad Maker, you can design high Click Through Rate Ad Campaigns which will benefit your business. Run these campaigns straight through the OneSoci Dashboard and save time for other tasks.

Post Planner – Schedule your posts. You do not have to bother managing your posts on a daily. Schedule in advance special days in the calendar. Relevance keeps your fans engaged time management is key to relevance.



While other manage pages for clients, I manage my pages for my business. With thousands of followers, I need great content and an efficient way to post my content. With a tight schedule and so much to do I find OneSoci a powerful and helpful tool. It is user-friendly, allows me to manage without switching back and forth and enables me to create attractive cover and ad images.

Pricing and Plans

OneSoci 2.0 is now being offered at a one time fee of $67. They're also offering you a 30 day money back guarantee.


  • Track the progress of your ads and posts
  • Find content easily
  • Automate page updates and plan your posts
  • Design professional looking cover photos and ads
  • Easy to lean and easy to use


  • The training videos can be a bit more effective if paced properly

Checkout OneSoci here if you want to maximize the potential of your Facebook pages and learn how to improve your revenue. OneSoci is a revolutionary all-in-one solution for your Facebook marketing needs.

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