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Are you in the midst of running a social media campaign but too burdened with boatloads of tasks? Social media is fun but when you are running a business, everything else is just a task that needs to be accomplished. Unburden yourself with repetitive social media tasks with an automation tool like Follow Liker

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In the online business landscape, having a website is no longer enough. You need to extend your digital storefront to social media marketing platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr. But managing several social media accounts can drown you in a sea of tasks and take you away from what your main focus should be which is business development.

A lot of these tasks are repetitive in nature which is why automating them would be more productive and efficient. Plus, automation tools are even faster in conducting these tasks which mean better execution of your social media strategy.

Imagine the time you would save from automated follows and likes, scheduled tweets and posts. Follow Liker is a tool that does all that and more.

What is Follow Liker?


Follow Liker is a tool created to handle many of your social media marketing tasks automatically. All you have to do is set the parameters of the tasks you want automated, hit the start button, and let it do the legwork for you. Follow Liker lets you manage multiple accounts which make it particularly useful for people who use social media for business needs.

Why use Follow Liker?


Facebook is not the only social media platform, and the other big names are Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Millions of marketers, celebrities, businesses, news agencies, and politicians use these platforms daily. They use social media to promote themselves, their brand, share new information, attract new fans, generate leads, drive traffic and so much more.

Before, Follow Liker only catered to Twitter and Instagram. At the moment, its list of products includes Pinterest and Tumblr editions as well.

But to create significant effects, you need cover social media tasks on a massive scale and Follow Liker has everything you need to do such. Grow your follower or fan base and to promote anything, anytime. Think of it as an optimized and automated version of these platforms combined which can go on autopilot 24/7.

Let’s take a look at the features of Follow Liker


Follow Users – What could be better than being able to auto-follow people? Auto-follow means you can also follow a user’s followers and who that user is following, follow users discussing a certain topic via keywords and hashtags, and follow a custom list of users that you have created. You can also follow back your followers. The best thing about this feature is it maintains your follower to following ratio so you wouldn’t look spammy.

Unfollow Users – You don’t have to weed out unnecessary users because you can set unfollow parameters like users that do not follow you back after a couple of days. You can whitelist users that you do not want to be unfollowed. Your unfollow rate also helps maintain your follower to following ratio.

Auto Post Tweets – Keep your Twitter profiles active and engaging by spreading out tweets throughout the day. You can auto-post tweets, a tweet from RSS or URLs and make unique links in your tweets.

Retweet – Set parameters on which tweets to auto-retweet such as specific locations, language used and the list of users.

Reply Tweets – This one is pretty awesome because it shows to the community how active you are and it removes the spammy automated look. Replying to tweets show how engaging you are.

Favorite and Unfavorite Tweets – Same functions with follows and likes, you can also set parameters for favorites and unfavorites.

Send Direct Messages – Direct communication would be much appreciated by your followers. Automatically send direct messages such as thank you notes and holiday greetings to your followers.

User Search – Using keywords and other parameters such as other user’s followers/following, location, interest, trends, distance, language, communication, and language, you can automatically find users that can be targeted for your niche.

Tweet Search – Crawl the platform for tweets to be replied to, favorited and retweeted based on keywords, hashtags, location, distance and other parameters. This means you get to scan the whole platform automatically so that you can interact with users that may be interested in your business.

Blacklist Users – In the opposite side of things, you can build a list of users that should not be followed, retweeted, and commented on.

White-list Users – And if you want a permanent group of users on your list, add them to the whitelist.

Run Multiple Accounts – Add and manage multiple accounts easily and without complication. You can also configure private settings for special accounts. If you are managing accounts for your clients, you can do so.

Schedule Tasks – Schedule and automate tasks continuously without complicated settings. You can set schedules for each account, set intervals between schedules and spread out your actions throughout the day.

View Account Details – Like in a user dashboard, you can view the current number of followers, tweets, photos, media and favorites of each account that you are managing.

Who Should Use Follow Liker?

If you are involved in online marketing, or you are managing a business, you should start using Follow Liker. Social media marketing is not an option but a necessity and Follow Liker will help boost your fan base, engagement, interaction, and content posting on autopilot mode. Businesses, freelance marketers, website owners and marketing agencies alike can drive more traffic and online awareness about their brand by using this automation tool.

Benefits of Social Media Automation with Follow Liker

More social media activity bode well for your business, but not for your schedule. Your to-do list would just keep piling up as you get more active in your social media campaign. Time is the most valuable commodity, and this is what you will be saving with Follow Liker. Here are other major benefits of using this application

Consistency in Posting – It is important to get your followers accustomed to a schedule of your social updates. When your followers know when to expect posts and tweets from you, you have increased chances of them actually seeing your posts, and it’s easier to build a following this way.

Follower to Following Ratio – You would not want to look spammy and follow 1000 users while having ten followers. Follow Liker helps keep the balance of things.

Extended Reach – With scheduled posts, you can maximize your reach and adjust based on varying locations on the globe. Thus you get to schedule posts or tweets at times your users would most likely see or notice them.

Higher Productivity – This one is pretty obvious, but it deserves to be mentioned as time is a very valuable commodity. Spend less than an hour scheduling a whole week’s worth of tweets and posts. Focus on other tasks while the platform builds your mass base and takes over your social signals. Reap more rewards from your social media campaign while you are doing less.

Connect with the Right Users –Being able to setup parameters, you can follow, like, and tweet the right type of users to build up a mass base that will find your brand relevant.

Get more Impact with Instagram – Pictures and Infographics have high chances of getting viral and extending your Instagram reach will definitely spread your content across a mass of users.

Pricing Point

Follow Liker can automate all of your social media tasks and to list them all here would be a drag. In a nutshell, features are unique per platform, but prices are the same for single editions. All plans get

  • Full Features
  • Manage Unlimited Accounts
  • 24/7 Support

Payment is one time and here is a summary of the prices:

Twitter Instagram Twitter + Instagram
$97.99 $97.99 $177.99
Pinterest Tumblr Pinterest + Tumblr
$97.99 $97.99 $177.99
Twitter + Pinterest Twitter + Tumblr Instagram + Pinterest
$177.99 $177.99 $177.99
Instagram + Tumblr Full Edition(All platforms)
$177.99 $337.99

For single platforms, you can choose limited licenses for lower costs. One license costs $57.99 while five costs $77.99


  • User interface is simple and friendly
  • Patient and helpful 24/7 support team
  • Does automation quickly, cleanly and efficiently without getting detected
  • All plans get full features
  • Fully automated with very little management needed


  • There is a 5 minute pause between each task

Checkout Follow Liker here if you want a marketing suite of tools to automate your social media campaigns.

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