Affiloblueprint: A Step By Step Affiliate Marketing System That Actually Works

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With a complete step-by-step guide, starting an affiliate marketing business is yours for the taking. As a beginner or even an advanced marketer, you will have access to over 85 video lessons, keep track of learning with structured homework modules, build a website using WordPress, get support from a community of members, and earn revenue through an effective affiliate program. AffiloBlueprint is an end to end solution that provides quality education as well as seamless help and support.

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What is Affiloblueprint

AffiloBlueprint is an affiliate marketing program that won't just teach you how to build an affiliate marketing website, it is a complete step-by-step guide that covers niche selection, website building, traffic generation, search engine optimization, and revenue generation. It will help you start from scratch and guide you to the world of affiliate marketing with its lessons, modules, resources and tools.

Who would Benefit from this Program?

To understand how the program came about, it would be better to know the man behind it. Mark Ling who now earns a mouth dropping 8-figures online, ventured into affiliate marketing back when he was still in college.Mark had to learn the ins and outs of the business through trial and error. He started with banner ads and later on focused on email advertising. Eventually, he found a formula that works.

Mark used his technical know-how to be successful in affiliate marketing. If we think of it this way, then affiliate marketing is not meant for technically challenged individuals. Fortunately, Mark bridged that gap for people like us.

Mark created AffiloBlueprint because he wanted to help his dad who may even have more technical challenges than me. With the program that Mark developed, his father is now retired and is earning 6-figures.


Yes, AfiiloBlueprint is for newbies. From the name itself, the program is a blueprint that shows how each step is done. In my case, it cleared away any points of confusion I had without excluding the essential elements. I basically learned everything I needed without things being complicated.

The program though is not exclusive. Even experienced affiliate marketing entrepreneurs can benefit from AffiloBlueprint because it is not just a step by step learning guide but an end to end plan geared towards making your online business successful.

What do You Get from AffiloBlueprint?

There are numerous websites that give tips on how to start an online business. And that is precisely what you will get, mere tips. According to Noel Burch who theorized the four stages of competence, learning begins with unconscious competence – “I do not know that I do not know how to do this.” A normal guide will start off with what you need to do and not identify what you need to know first and what you still do not know. AffiloBlueprint will guide you on how to accomplish the first step which is niche selection and is precisely what you need to know. After finding out what you need to know, learning continues with a high-quality course including in-depth, detailed lessons. Numerous courses and step by step video tutorials help members become consciously competent in affiliate marketing. This is basically how I learned which up to now is the reason I got started earning with affiliate programs.

A High-Quality Course with Multiple Lessons and Modules

Being a member of the website means getting access to high-quality tutorial videos made by highly experienced developers, facilitators, and successful affiliate marketers. Also, the guides and tutorials are designed to make everything look simple to maximize learning. Other sites fail in this aspect because no matter how simple the concepts are, their modules are complicated. Learning is maximized with crystal clear videos, notes that are downloadable, a tracker that tells how much you have progressed, and homework that is given after each step to help you pace your learning.

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Build your Website - Other programs will only give you tips on how to build a website. AffiloBlueprint offers a professional WordPress affiliate theme as part of the package. I am not a web developer, and I have the slightest idea in web development, but I was able to build my own website from scratch using the provided WordPress theme. Furthermore, the program helped me make my website SEO friendly.

Market Research and Keywords - Preparing targeted keywords and knowing your market is essential to generating traffic. Being unaware of how this works is one of the top reasons why affiliate marketers fail. AffiloBlueprint will walk every member through on how to generate traffic and get sales through these tools.

Content Creation - You do not have to be an expert writer to create your website's content. Nor do you have to rely on poorly written material that takes advantage of search engine algorithms, which practically does not work anymore. There is a way to get high-quality content which is good for search engine visibility as well as educating your visitors. If you are not a writer, this program will help you learn how to outsource articles, pull articles from directories, write blogs and upload recorded material in place of articles.

Identifying your Products - Without the right products and services, your potential to earn money is low. Knowing which product to promote is essential to your business, and this program has a list of well selected profitable products. With the advanced "ClickBank" features, you can narrow down your search, filter out low potential products and find really good ones that would generate business.

Help and Support

Mark Ling ensures that with his program, nobody gets stuck. Members can chat with each other via a private member's forum. Help is easily found, and everyone can get answers, have their website critiqued and stay motivated.

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How to be an Affiliate Marketer

This full-proof system of building an affiliate marketing business from scratch ensures you will get your money's worth. At $197, the complete AffiloBlueprint system includes:

  • Three months of step-by-step video lessons
  • Lessons & course notes available for download
  • Lifetime access
  • Private members' forum
  • BONUS: AffiloTheme website builder which is  normally  $97
  • BONUS: 1-year web hosting for 1 website
  • BONUS: 1-month trial of the marketing tool suite(Affilorama Premium)

Skills, knowledge, and experience are not needed to start an affiliate marketing business with the help of AffiloBlueprint. You do not need to be an expert in online marketing nor do you need to write codes to develop your own website. At $197, the program shows you how to do everything from scratch.


  • A step by step system that ensures you will not be lost or get stuck
  • After 6 years, 5444 students and 3 versions, this is time-tested and proven
  • No need to have any skills, knowledge or experience to become and affiliate marketer
  • Get unlimited help and support
  • Be part of an amazing community whose members help each other out​


  • Despite the active customer support, some questions may take more than 24 hours to get answered
  • Too much information may tend to overwhelm
  • You will not get rich overnight as how most people perceive what affiliate marketing is

If you are new and unfamiliar with affiliate marketing then this could be for you. If you are experienced but you want to improve your marketing business then this is for you as well. With downloadable videos, easy to follow training and priceless online tools, you have all the support you need to kick start your business. Checkout AffiloBlueprint and start a profitable career in online marketing.

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