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ActiveCampaign: Grow Your Business With Marketing Automation

Given that email marketing greatly boosts sales, it is but natural for businesses and online marketers to focus efforts on launching email marketing campaigns and marketing automation. It took me awhile to realize that I needed help with email marketing automation and for a moment my business sustained losses. Needless... read more

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InfusionSoft​: An In-depth Look At The All-In-One Marketing Automation System

If you were to have a party, you’d want to get a host that speaks well, makes witty jokes, and doesn’t look like a hobo. Having several hosts possessing each of those traits would still keep your party going, but it’ll take you some time to get used to watching... read more

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Send Awesome Emails and Grow Your Business With Aweber

Running email campaigns is not all that simple. Sending a generic email to 1000 subscribers is not as effective as sending targeted emails to a segmented list of 100 people. Manually sending out emails will not allow you to measure your success. And, you do not want to spend most... read more

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MailChimp – Building Better Relationships With Your Subscribers

A great way to maintain a community of active readers and customers for your site is through email marketing. With email marketing, you can proactively communicate with your email or subscriber list and with constant communication you can easily mobilize your audience to take action. Traffic alone does not generate... read more

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Power-up Your Email Campaign With Yesware

Yesware is an email productivity service that covers real-time email tracking, presentation and tracking analytics, customizable templates for email creation, and CRM integration to help salespeople communicate more efficiently with their clients. It allows users to see whether their emails are opened and which customers click the links. It works... read more

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Step Up Your Email Marketing With Drip

What is Marketing Automation? It’s one of the newest most sought after features that people are looking for in an email service provider. It involves creating a sequence of email campaigns for a specific list and a specific time. You do all the work in the beginning and then leave... read more

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GetResponse: Best Low Cost Easy To Use Email Marketing Software

From the moment people started using it, email has become the most widely used tool on the Internet. Even at this day and age, people open their emails to check if they’ve got mail. To create an account in Google, you need to start by creating an email address, and... read more

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OptinMonster: More Than Just A WordPress Plugin

OptinMonster is now, a full-on list building platform that allows users to create, test, deploy and benefit from opt-in forms. Users have an option to deploy opt-in forms with their WordPress plugin or take a snippet code and use it with an HTML based website. What is good about this... read more

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Email Marketing Done Right Through ConstantContact

We cannot deny that email is an important part of our lives. Marketing through this channel is a powerful way to connect with people because you can put a personal touch when communicating with your target customers. With all of the tools available in the market, email marketing is fairly... read more

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