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Start Your Own Online Store With Shopify

Several years ago, I started selling apparel on eBay, and for a couple of years, the business was good. The rules and guidelines, however, became more and more rigid. Along with conformity came the loss of identity. My store eventually looked just like those of my competitors. Even feedback rating... read more

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SamCart: Encouraging Purchases and Increasing Revenues

When a person leaves a cart without completing the purchase, it’s sad. It really is. You’re in denial at first, thinking they just left to run an errand or had an emergency. And then you start thinking about whether it’s because of something they didn’t like from your end. You’d... read more

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Volusion – A One Stop Ecommerce Website Builder

Imagine being able to sell your items 24/7 anywhere in the globe without even spending half of the day managing your business. Some might think it’s too good to be true. But for those familiar with online businesses, this is a very attainable goal. Starting an online shop can be... read more

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