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Hot Jar

HotJar Review – Letting You See The Bigger Picture In Your Business

  Are you wondering if your business is heading towards a great year-end? Or are you planning to rev up your business for the coming year ahead? Then you should have the tools that will help you see the big picture and help you make data-driven decisions to improve your...

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Visual Website Optimizer

Improve Your Conversions With Visual Website Optimizer

  There are a lot of writers and business- minded people who have put up their sites with specific goals that have not been met. This is an opportune time for you to conduct tests and experiments to see which areas of your pages and sites could do with more...

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Kissmetrics: Turning Visitors Into Sure Customers

  Creating campaigns without any metrics to guide you is like changing your clothes in the dark. You've got the right clothes, but the combination and overall ensemble will most likely end up looking like a huge disaster. And using Google Analytics is like having a tiny candle in the...

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Keep Up and Level Up With Optimizely

  The company claims to be the world's leading experimentation platform. If you feel a disconnect from your users, Optimizely is the perfect place for you to start the journey towards creating a better relationship with them and fostering loyalty. Because even though you feel the disconnect, you don't know...

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Track and Make The Most Out Of Your Links With ClickMeter

  It's important, as an entrepreneur, to know where the money you've spent for campaigns is going. But you can't just guess or hope or wait for your staff to give you an update on it. You can create and manage effective campaigns with ease on ClickMeter. If you're constantly...

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Progress Better With ClickMagick

  There are many entrepreneurs that have succeeded because they decided to do and figure things out on their own. That's an admirable trait to have, for sure. So having to track things, test things, and have software or people tell you how you're doing and what you should might...

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