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Salesforce: The CRM Solution To Beat All CRM Solutions

"Sell smarter and faster with the world's #1 CRM." That is the first thing you see on Salesforce's website. They're an all-in-one, cloud-based leader in CRM software for small businesses. Built 100% in the cloud, their CRM solutions help connect customers, employees, partners, and even products with incredible ease. There are...

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Ontraport - Overcome The Struggles Of Building Your Online Empire

I am in the business of selling furniture flipped from what basically is junk. I knew my idea was awesome, but the moment I opened my local shop I realized I could make so much more if I could sell my stuff online. So I paid a freelancer to develop...

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PipelineDeals: Ditching Spreadsheets For A CRM Software

Nowadays, having a spreadsheet of each of your sales person's progress won't cut it. Aside from the fact that it takes up a lot of time, there are a ton of them for you to monitor; especially if you have a large team. You could end up overlooking a couple...

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Really Simple Systems: Does It Live Up To Its Name?

Online entrepreneurs need an efficient way to keep track of their sales, improve their sales, and stay in touch with their customers to build brand loyalty. Not having a CRM to help you achieve that, while possible, can become taxing. The chance that you could slip up and lose track...

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ClickDesk: Your Multi-Channel Support Software For Increase Customer Satisfaction

All marketing experts would agree that quality customer service is crucial in every business. Your customers help your business grow through promotion or word of mouth. Often, businesses measure this as the Net Promoter's Score. Customers usually give a high NPS to businesses that have excellent customer service. An important...

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CMS Commander - Manage All Your Sites With Your Own Command Center

Managing a lot of WordPress sites for online marketing is a time-consuming task. Imagine posting articles one by one, monitoring performance, editing profiles and creating and deleting accounts. For a business owner or marketer, you may have a lot more other responsibilities that need attention. CMS Commander is a WordPress...

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Creating Connections Quickly and Easily: The Intercom Communication Sytem

As any e--commerce business owner knows, the lifeblood of any online business is the ability to reach, interact with, and take care of customers. No e-commerce can survive if it does not have any traffic, regardless of the usefulness and relevance of their product or service. In order to create,...

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How Helpful Is The Zendesk Help Desk Software?

Hiring customer service agents and training them can take weeks. Choosing a software and setting it up shouldn't take as long. Zendesk offers you a quick and easy setup that will only take a few days. Because it's so easy and intuitive, it can also cut the time you spend...

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