Widen Your Online Video Marketing Reach

Creating videos is an important and effective method to include in your online marketing ventures. But while you could succeed in posting them on your site and social accounts, you should never forget to consider video syndication.

Video syndication means getting your videos, site, content, and more into third- party sites. Make your videos more available to a broader audience by getting it on a service that allows you to monetize your content and has their own video player.

Syndicating your videos is an incredibly helpful method that you shouldn't skip out on. Figure out how you can do that successfully in this blueprint.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Get your content ready.

Setup Playwire

Configure Video Specific Ad Tags


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Using an online video platform helps improve your chances at reaching audiences at a substantially broader range. By making sure that every view counts, your video content will not go to waste.

  • Consider paid syndication platforms like SpotXchange.
  • Make sure your viewers see a significant amount of your videos before you get charged for advertising.
  • Put your important business details in the first few seconds of your videos.
  • Make sure, no matter what platform you choose, have a presence on YouTube.
  • Aside from social media sites, include newspaper sites.
  • Work on your video descriptions and keywords.

Potential Results

 Increase your views by up to 5x within one single year. You can also increase your revenues by over 200%. Within a couple of months of using services like Playwire, you'll fully understand your audience and how you are performing, given certain situations and elements.


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