Create Loyal Customers With Constant Engagement

Twitter is a famous social media platform that can be tricky to conquer when your business is just growing. Because it's so short, the frequency of your tweets needs to be heavily considered, too. Not knowing what you're doing, you end up having a hard time getting followers.

By using tools like Audiense, you could get a better chance of reaching out to your current customers and inviting more to get to know you and what you've got to offer. You'll need insights on your consumers and engagement in order to make better decisions. 

These decisions will help improve your brand, increase brand recall, and give you more opportunities to make great changes to your business. Find out which service can help you with that and how your business can grow.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Create your Audiense account.

Make changes to your reports and subscription.

Customize your own reports.


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Audiense uses Kred scores. This measures what social influence a Twitter user has. When you search for more users, check their Kred score and choose to engage with influencers to grow your brand.

  • Choose Influence as the order in which your results will be displayed to find those influencers easily.
  • Analyze a competitor by adding your competitor's account as a source.
  • Get a unique referral link and share it on Twitter. For every person that signs up for Audiense because of you, you get 500 social contacts.
  • Watch their video webinars to learn more about how to use Audiense to its full potential.

Potential Results

Make the most out of the tools your chosen service gives you. Read all the reports and learn how to create better campaigns. Consider the referral link on Audiense as well because you could get an extra 2,000 social contacts within a couple of weeks just from that. Get thousands more followers, engage with active influencers, and make your business a Twitter account they'll follow and look out for.


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