Become a Lean Mean Tweeting Machine

Twitter is a tricky social network to succeed in. The character limit is a huge challenge when you want to share something lengthy and meaningful; even for the pros.

This is especially hard if your business has just begun and doesn't really have that much of a following. You'll need to work extra hard and that could be a difficult journey without the right tools. Maximize your tweets' potential and grow your business with awesome analytics, the option to manage multiple accounts, and tools to help you figure out the best times for you to post.

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What You Need

Setup Steps


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Signing up for ManageFlitter will send you right away to the Manage tab of your dashboard where you immediately get data on your Twitter followers. There are tons of tools available for you to do with those followers as well as your account.

  • Enter a website on your RSS Feeds to easily queue posts.
  • Go to the Manage tab and have your account details loaded into ManageFlitter.
  • Click on Find Content and easily share trending stories fast.
  • Use their Tweet Analytics to track your own keywords.
  • Add more data to your timeline to make ManageFlitter's time suggestions more accurate.

Potential Results

Increase your business' visibility on Twitter. Get a massive increase in followers by over 10,000 within a couple of weeks of using tools like ManageFlitter. Focus on learning about the right time to share your tweets and the reports you're provided with and you'll find the perfect times to tweet in order to maximize your visbility by up about 90%.


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