Tremendously Increase Your YouTube Views

YouTube is one platform you don't want to miss in your online marketing endeavors. So many people and videos have gone viral and gained fame with the help of YouTube.

However, it's not always that easy to get views and go viral as many others have. It would take a whole lot of work, great content, and a helpful marketing platform focused on organic traffic generation.

Find out how the right tools can get you more views, more subscribers, and better visibility. Learn all of these and more on this blueprint.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Set up TubeTrackr

Setup your YouTube channel.



Monitor your video/s.


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

TubeTrackr helps make you more organized and gives you a better perspective of how your channel is doing. Make use of the insights and reports you're given to make better decisions as to where your channel is going and how you should go about with your videos.

  • Always include your logo in your videos.
  • Use unique content to pique people's interests.
  • Create witty video descriptions along with the appropriate keywords.
  • Have information about your brand and your online presence on your channel.
  • Create relatable content that invokes a certain emotion.
  • Add subtitles to your videos.
  • Collaborate with other brands and YouTubers.

Potential Results

Within a couple of months, your views could very well go up to up to 8,000 per day. All because you took the time to do proper analysis and worked hard on improving your channel. With your newfound information, you could generate up to 60% more subscribers.


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