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Teaching is one of many difficult-but-satisfying occupations out there. Molding somebody else's mind and having them listen to your words and opening their eyes to something new is very special. A lot of people feel like they've been called to become a teacher, and so they do. But it's tough, standing in front of a crowd everyday and talking for an hour straight, wondering if you're getting through to people. Some people can't do that. And so, even they sadly look for another profession instead of going for the one they actually want. 

It's fortunate that these days, you don't have to fight your fear of crowds or public speaking just to fulfill your calling. These days, all you need is a camera and a computer, and you could teach thousands of people all around the world.

Selling online courses has become a big and profitable business for so many people. Forbes has posted an article about it becoming a billion dollar industry. Instructors sell their courses based on a wide variety of topics. Some instructors join a platform where they can teach while others create a membership site of their own. The latter usually provides a lot more opportunities for instructors to make money, and teach the way they want to teach.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Find a membership software to purchase. Consider using SubHub, a service that is offered with just one pricing.

Marketing Setup


Time to do: 1 week
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Identify your target audience, their expectations, and the problems your course could solve.

Give your students a sneak peek of your course to encourage them to enroll.

Contact your current learners for a testimonial and to endorse your course.

Reach out to your students via social media and email to give them regular reminders of what your course teaches.

Potential Results

Some instructors earn $60 a month on one course. But others earn over $20,000 a month by doing this full time. Be prepared to earn $60 – $300 in your first month. Access all the necessary marketing tools that are at your disposal and constantly improve your site and your course to be part of the others that earn up to $20,000 and more in the months to come.


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