Syndicate Your Infographics With Style

Posts without any images just don't work as successfully as those that have them. Studies have shown that people will click and interact with posts  better when they have images.

Infographics are one of those types of images filled with chocful of information. Data in these are presented in a short but full and cohesive manner that people remember it better.

However, great infographics are wasted in a platform that doesn't get a lot of viewers. Which is why you should syndicate your infographics in a service that offers a stage that has thousands of viewers that will see and share your content.

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What You Need


Setup Steps


Contact Visually.

Start Working.


Time to do: 1 week
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Find social influencers who could be interested in your content. Check out authority blogs and their pages. Offer up your infographics to help improve a certain page. Establish syndication criteria for blogs that use your content. Have blogs link back to your original page and give you credit in the byline if they use your content. Write an impressive article to go with your infographic.

Potential Results

Your submissions and portfolio are tied to the Visually Community site. This is where clients often go for inspiration on their infographics and get a lot of traffic. By constantly working on your infographics, having numerous submissions, optimizing the tags, and linking your URL, you could increase your traffic by over 12% and 18% more clicks when you share them on social media.


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