How To Greatly Succeed With Pay Per View Ads

Advertising and driving traffic to your site is one of the biggest challenges you face after launching an online business. There are many methods and ways for you to do that, but in this blueprint, we will be tackling Pay Per View ads.

These are the ones you put up to lead people to your site and only get charged for when people do get to view your ads and site. You can do this with banner ads, pop- ups, and more. There are many ways to get this done but the first and most important thing you need to decide on? The platform you're using.

No matter how good your ads are, how well your site is doing, or how useful your products or services can be, if you're on the wrong platform then you won't be seen. But once you do, get your budget together, geographic locations locked, and campaign details perfected, and you're most certainly good to go. 

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What You Need


Setup Steps

Prepare your campaign details.

Create your campaign.


Time to do: 4 weeks
Time to see results: 2 months

Additional Tips

Before anything else, think about your ad placement: Above The Fold or Any Available. Above The Fold gets better click through rates as it's in a place where people don't have to scroll down to see; but if you're going for volume, go for Any Available and get your ads placed wherever in the site.

  • Do research on demographic analysis – where do they browse from.
  • See unexplored angles and take them.
  • Double and triple check your target lists before creating a campaign.
  • Delete targets and stop paying for ads that don't convert.
  • Make use of a landing page.

Potential Results

With the right insights and targeted ads, your conversions could improve by over 30% in the first few months. A good campaign could earn you $300 a day. But with the right platform, you could generate up to $500 a day instead.


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