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Being able to communicate something to your audience in an interesting light is a challenge when you're dealing with data. It's hard to just stick to using plain text because it won't be remembered as well as other types of content. Earn your audience's interest and attention by using infographics to present your facts in an easy to digest manner.

You could do it yourself by making use of a DIY designing infographic platform. You could also spend money and time to hire a graphic artist and have him/her create it for you. But, you could opt for a high quality visual content with professional designers. This is what we will be tackling.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Collect and confirm your data.

Contact Visually.

Start Working.


Time to do: 2 weeks
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Check and recheck your data before submitting it to the Visually team. Sign up for Pinterest and share your content there. Create an account for Facebook and Twitter, and share links to your infographics. Find a creative way to share your content on Instagram. Create your email list and grow them by optimizing your landing page. Write a press release about your infographics. Create a compelling article to accompany your infographic. Guest post on other blogs. Find social influencers that could be interested.

Potential Results

The average human brain processes images over 60,000 times faster than text. And a starting price of $3,000 for world- class professionals to create your infographic makes it easier and better to grab your viewers' attention. Get 12% more traffic, more likes, views, and shares for your content.


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