Speed Up Your Blog With A Little Optimization

Search engine optimization requires a series of different processes for you to improve your site's rankings. Slow-loading sites can terribly affect your ranking. How badly, you ask? About 40% of readers abandoning your site and $2.5 million worth of losses in a year. It's a reality that every online entrepreneur has to accept. One that can be fixed with one word: optimization.

Optimization basically means making the best of any thing. People do research on keywords and phrases on the websites and editing content. It also includes making use of great media that are named and filed depending on those keywords. Optimization also includes attempting to speed up your site's loading.

There are many more ways for you to optimize your site. Explore each and learn how great your site's ranking can be.

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What You Need

Setup Steps


Time to do: 1 hour
Time to see results: 3 months

Additional Tips

Paste your JavaScript codes on the footer area of your site. Don't have it on top of your blog. Monetizing your blog is essential, and doing that with ads is one common way. But having too many ads definitely slows your site down so you'll need to do some reducing. Consider using WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache. Study your site and take it apart. See what's working and what isn't.

Potential Results

Optimizing your blog takes several different ways that, together, create a huge improvement from the 40% abandoning reader statistic. Get increased visibility and better rankings, think page 1 of Google within a couple of months of SEO work.


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