Easily Earn A Substantial Recurring Revenue With Your Own Site Builder App

For existing businesses, it's vital that you have your own website, social media accounts, and others that show people you have an online presence. A business that doesn't have one genuinely misses out on a huge chunk of audiences as well as so many marketing opportunities.

Of course, these days, businesses start off online right away. There are so many lucrative online business opportunities that entrepreneurs don't even bother with a physical store anymore. But while you don't have to deal with the troubles of building permits, titles, and licenses, launching a business and site requires a lot of technical know-how. Not having that usually means needing a substantial budget to pay a developer to do it for you.


Now, you can be the cost-efficient but a reliable solution that businesses are looking for. There are white label platforms that will let you create a site builder app with your own brand. You don't need any coding experience and you can create your own app store. This is something businesses that don't have a huge budget would certainly be interested in. You could have them build their own site using your app, which you created just as easily.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Find a software for you to use. You could use something like SiteBuilderBuilder

Marketing Setup


Time to do: 1 week
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Ask for reviews and feedback to put on your site.

Create sequential emails.

Provide constant updates.

Give users a service or product in exchange for their emails to help build your list.

Offer free trials and demos.

Provide a range of easy payment methods.

Pre-sell and have early bird promotions.

Setup banner ads and sell ad space.

Provide an area for reviews and feedback.

Work on giving great customer support.

Potential Results

Once you've built an audience and found the right strategy, you could earn over $5,000 a month of regular income from your business. Stay up to date with the trends in your niche and experiment with different marketing strategies to find the one that works best for you. Check on SiteBuilder's website for updates and new features that you could incorporate into your business and get more customers.


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