Video Marketing Made Really Simple

Video marketing is simple. It's using a video to market your product, service, brand, or business.

Any good marketing campaign will include videos. It presents your message better and invokes feelings in your audience that a regular photo cannot. There are also studies that there is a higher probability that someone will become a buyer if there are videos involved.

There are so many factors for you to consider if you want to get into video marketing. Creating the video, for one, costs a lot of money, manpower, and time. You need to stay on top of everything: the budget, the schedule, the vision.

Once you succeed, you'd need to find a platform that plays your videos fast, increases its visibility, and gives you a little heads up on how your campaign is doing. Having all of these in mind, it would do you good to have a software that offers most, if not all, of the services you would need.

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What You Need

Setup Steps


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Increase brand recognition and boost your sales by publishing and advertising with the right service for you. Learn more about customizing your own ad sets, paywalls, and players; and of the service itself. It can be quite overwhelming at first but it's definitely worth it. 

  • Control your syndication costs by making sure that your viewers see a significant amount of your videos before you get charged for advertising.
  • Consider SpotXchange for paid syndication.
  • Have important details of your business appear in the first few seconds of your videos.
  • Despite being crowded, don't overlook YouTube.
  • Include newspaper sites aside from social media.
  • Work on your video descriptions and keywords.

Potential Results

With online video marketing being one of the most effective ways to get customers to recognize and engage with your business, dedicating your time and focus on improving that could increase your subscriptions by over 30% in a year. You could also generate thrice the average video plays and views within a couple of months. If we're looking at sellout rate, you can reach up to 100%.


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