Creating Kindle eBooks Is A Cinch With These Tips

eBooks have become an easy way for people to get the reading material they need and get their reading fix without toting around a heavy bag. It's also become easier writers to create and distribute their books out into a much larger market; especially with Kindle. It began in 2007, selling out in a mere couple of hours and staying out of stock for several months, the Amazon Kindle became an eReader enterprise that everyone has come to know and love.

There are millions of Kindle eBooks available on Amazon now. It's become a great way for aspiring authors to gain some recognition. But we've been so used to printing out manuscripts and submitting them to publishers in order for them to become the book authors that they want to be. It's much simpler now. You just need the right tool to turn your file into a Kindle eBook. You can easily add supplemental audio, video, and image pop-ups within your Kindle book. It simply automates the long process of getting your book out in the market.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Convert your book to the Kindle eBook format.

Sign in to your Amazon Kindle Account

Marketing Setup


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Invest in succeeding and becoming a best seller in a small niche to increase visibility.

Use Google Keyword Planner or Longtail Pro to get additional keywords.

If you have an email list, send it over to them. If you don't, start building one, or ask a colleague to email for you.

Publish a series and start it off free. Start charging a certain amount of time, or charge for the second book.

Submit your book to Kindle and eBook Facebook Groups for a review and promotion.

Consider joining an affiliate program.

Potential Results

Authors on Kindle Short Reads have earned over $5,000 a month from just one book. Keep writing and you could earn $800 to over $10,000 a month from your submissions. Keep experimenting with different marketing methods and see which suits you best and keep writing!


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