Recruit The Best Affiliates On Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach provides you with a ton of tools to help you find influencers for your business.


Keyword Search - find influencers with specific keywords

Effective lists- organize thousands of contacts and export your lists

Personalized templates- create your own templates fast

Automatic Email Outreach Campaigns- send custom HTML templates and track your progress

Email Statistics- track your metrics and find your prospects

Notifications - get in-app and email alerts

Autofill Contact Forms- contact more prospects better

Outreach Inbox in-app inbox that syncs with your email client


Saves time.

Tons of info at a glance.

Detailed stats.

Over 5 million influencers in their database.

Track your contacts with ease.

14-day free trial.

Short on Time? Download FREE PDF for Later

What You Need


Setup Steps

Create an account.

Find affiliates.

Contact your prospects.


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Link your program on your website.

Invite networkers on your niche.

Be honest, factual, and thorough about your program.

Offer an enticing commission.

Join affiliate communities.

Make things a bit easier by providing materials like banners, articles, and promo emails for them.

Have rewards for new potential affiliates.

You can click Add Follow Up before launching to select a follow-up email for the one you're initially launching.

Potential Results

Connect with thousands of influencers with a simple search. By getting more leads, affiliates for your program, and opportunities to market your business, you could double your earnings within a couple of months.


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