Quality Links Through Manual Outreach To Secure Guest Post

Growing your website—and your online business—into a success comes in many forms. You could learn  different tactics of link building, either by smart link mappingn or list building via web 2.0's. Some are more calculated that eliminates guess work but costs more money, while some are more organic and allows room for you to figure things out by yourself. 

All of these require patience and diligence in maintaining just the right mix. For this topic, we are going to talk about how you can ensure your guest blogs get you high quality links via manual outreach. Learn how this effective albeit time- consuming process can be done right.

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What You Need

Setup Steps


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 3 months

Additional Tips

Make sure that your guest post will be search engine optimized with your target keyword prominently featured. In reaching out, emphasize how being featured on their website will give you the boost you need.

  • Sweeten your offer by presenting your idea for a potential guest post.
  • After your guest post becomes live, do not forget to include the blogger in your social media promotion.
  • Tag your influencers in your interactions so that you might be seen as someone who enhances their exposure to non-fans.

Potential Results

With due diligence and a good pitch, you could be writing 1 post every day for an authority blog, earning you a ton of quality backlinks. You could end up on page 1 of Google within a couple of months and get better opportunities to earn more. Income- wise, you could start of with up to $500 per month and keep going up.


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