How To Publish Articles That Get Better Views On Facebook

Creating content and sharing them on social media sites is easy enough. The challenge is getting people to click on the things you share and getting them to share it themselves.

With the average human being having an attention span of 8 seconds, being able to show your content fast and easy is a must. Even scandalous content gets closed when it takes a long time to load, how much more articles that are "just" feel good and interesting?

You'll need a service that allows you to create articles fast and loads them on sites, like Facebook, even faster. Because you'll need two things to succeed: intrigue and speed; without those, your readers and followers may not end up hitting the like and share buttons.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Create your preliminary articles.

Set up Instant Articles.

Import, develop, and submit your articles.

Start sharing.


Time to do: 1 week
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Consider direct- sold ads and ad placement. Identify your social influencers and contact them about your infographics and how they could be interested in them. Create an offer or reason for people to sign up for your list as well as click links. Establish syndication criteria for blogs that want to use your content. Ask your influencers for style guides that could help your infographic design. Talk about attribution and credit for your infographics.

Potential Results

By using services like Instant Articles, there is a 70% less probability that your viewers will abandon your articles. Also, Instant Articles gets 20% more readers. By working on your content and monetization methods, you can reach more audiences, get more clicks and views on your articles, and better brand recall.


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