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Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce sites today. Most people that prefer online shopping will see something and immediately wonder, and assume, that they can get it off of Amazon. It's just easier that way. You could start the same business, too. But if you've just started, you should try out being Amazon's affiliate. Get an idea of how the business works by participating in the business without all of the risk involved. You can advertise products that you want without worrying about storing or shipping them. But while you're learning, doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to maximize your profits, right?

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What You Need

Setup Steps


Marketing Setup


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 3 months

Additional Tips

Use a website design that could effect a high conversion rate.

Insert clickable affiliate links within your content and on images.

Create redirects to as many times as possible in your content.

Highlight your promotions especially during the holidays.

Add more products to sell and consider selling big quantities of inexpensive products.

Create more tracking IDs in addition to that provided by Amazon.

Insert call-to-action elements in your articles.

Blog about product reviews to promote your products.

Publish and send emails about your monthly bestsellers.

Potential Results

You could generate $300 – $500 in monthly earnings at the start. Keep working and make your passive monthly income a solid $1,000 a month.


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