How To Make Fun Marketing Videos

Every good marketing campaign will include video marketing. Videos are a better way for you to present the message that you want to portray. It makes things more personal and encourages a lot more empathy in your viewers.

The problem is that videos cost a lot. It takes a lot of time, money, and people in order to finish one. As a result, video creation ends up being stressful instead of just fun.

Make video creation fun again with a video editing app. You can save up time, and you can definitely save up money. 

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What You Need

Setup Steps


Set up Magisto.

Option 1: Create your movie on the web.

Option 2: Create your movie on a mobile device.

Start sharing.

Download your movie.


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Check insights on your social networks and schedule your posts at the time most of your users, viewers, and followers are active. Create videos with an engaging story that people care about. Include a "Call to Action" button. Create short videos. Post your videos on several locations. Work on your captions and make them keyword heavy. Come up with catchy hashtags for each of your campaigns. Create videos that educate.

Potential Results

Create fun, compelling, and emotional movies and 92% of people watching on their phones will share them. By adding these videos to your website's landing page, you could increase conversion rate by 80%. If it's about a product, you get a bigger chance of turning a viewer into a consumer by showing them a video of them. In fact, based on an infographic by Hyperfine Media in 2016, 64% of users tend to buy a product after watching a video on it. Get more than a 400% increase in inquiries, 200% in click- through rate and 22% engagement.


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