Learn Game Reskinning and Launch Your Own Game With Bluecloud Solutions

Bluecloud Solutions teaches you how to make an app and everything about the app business. Their goal is to provide you with the knowledge to kickstart your app business even if you have no programming experience. Without any experience, you can watch video tutorials and read learning materials like ebooks and PDFs in order to guide you. Bluecloud also offers reskins and source codes to help make the creation process easier.

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What You Need


Setup Steps

Marketing Setup


Time to do: 4 weeks
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Figure out what you want out of your app.

Choose a popular trend with flashy designs.

Explore advertising options like cost- per- click and cost- per- install.

Get banner ads at the first part of your game.

Be meticulous with the title, screenshots, keywords, and descriptions of your app.

Earn more with in-app purchases.

Participate in webinars and watch their videos to learn more.

Potential Results

Bluecloud Solutions could help you earn $3,000 a month and so much more with all the knowledge and assistance that they offer. But starting up and getting your game recognized will be a challenge. It's all a matter of knowing how to make it grow and last. It also helps if you have several reskins and opportunities to earn.


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